After you play The Eminence in Shadow RPG for a while, the game gets a lot more challenging unless you properly build a team that can handle the enemies they throw your way. This game emphasizes the use of powerful characters to overcome the challenges they set but a proper team setup can do the job well. However, there are many things you need to keep in mind when building a powerful team and we’re here to give some tips and tricks that’ll help you understand the secret behind this aspect of the game.

Table of Contents

  1. The Elemental Chart
  2. Character Roles
  3. Skill Matching
  4. Magic Gear
  5. Rarity & Specialization

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Teambuilding Guide

The Eminence in Shadow RPG uses a large cast of characters that players can collect. With so many units to choose from, it’s difficult to know what units work best in a team if you’re looking for a squad that functions efficiently. Slapping in all the characters that you think are good or using the Auto-Party function won’t always give you a powerful team. We already mentioned some of the things you need to know in our Beginner’s Guide but this article should give you a more detailed explanation of what you need to do.

The Elemental Chart

The Eminence in Shadow RPG has a heavy emphasis on the usage of elements as part of its combat. Each character is assigned a specific element with 4 of the 5 elements having a weak vs strong relationship with each other while the colorless element is neutral. This means building a team interesting because you can build a team depending on your target opponent so that you can gain an advantage over them by having characters that counter the strategy that the enemy is trying to utilize.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Teambuilding Guide

The game doesn’t give any passive bonuses for teams that follow a specific elemental theme, unlike most RPGs. This means that there is no merit to building a monocolored team. It’s a good idea to have a diversity of elemental affinities in your team so that enemies won’t be able to counter you by simply assembling a squad that has an elemental advantage. However, elemental affinity will also play a big part in terms of itemizing your characters so you need to keep that in mind.

Character Roles

Aside from elemental affinity, each character is assigned a role. There are three primary roles in The Eminence in Shadow RPG which are DPS, support, and tank. The game recommends that players have at least one tank, one support, and three DPS characters in their team which is the ideal balance of utility and damage output that is necessary to succeed. The game automatically places these characters in their designated positions so you don’t have to worry about where to put them.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Teambuilding Guide

Tank characters have heavy bulk, meaning they focus more on their defensive characteristics rather than trying to deal damage. Support characters have neither bulk nor damage output but they excel at assisting their allies by providing heals and buffs. DPS characters simply deal heavy damage to the enemy team. The goal of the team is to make sure that the DPS characters survive as long as possible so that they can wreak havoc on the entire enemy team by sacrificing the tank and having the support keep the rest of the characters alive.

Skill Matching

Skills and abilities are unique to the character using them. While most players only look at the rarity and aesthetic of the character they want to add to their team, there are some unnoticed features like abilities that are important when it comes to building your team. It’s a good idea to make it a habit to read up on each of your characters’ skills and abilities and learn how their effects interact with the rest of your team so that you can prevent having abilities that don’t mesh together.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Teambuilding Guide

There are characters that are intentionally designed to work together since their abilities have effects that go together. For example, some characters apply status effects to other units while others increase their damage output when certain status effects are active on the enemy units. The most important ability to keep in mind is the one on your support since it affects how the entire squad will perform. The hardest part about this is understanding how ability effects work so make sure to read up on that.

Magic Gear

Magic gear is a special type of equipment that you can change at the start of the game. Players can craft magic gear in the character tab using specific materials that they need to farm in the game. Magic gear doesn’t really fall under the teambuilding category in terms of choosing characters but being able to understand what equipment you place on your units will significantly increase the power of your team.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Teambuilding Guide

There are different types of magic gear available for your characters. For tank and support characters, you always want to place defensive magic gear that will help them survive longer in a fight or make their utility skills more efficient. DPS characters want gear that will increase their damage output but if you have a unit that has high base damage but low survivability, you might want to consider using defensive gear on that unit so that they will deal more overall damage by not dying quickly.

Rarity & Specialization

A painful truth of most mobile game RPGs is that the rarity of a unit is directly proportionate to its strength. SS units are the most powerful characters in The Eminence in Shadow RPG and the gap between them and S or A units is simply too far apart for you to even consider not placing them on your team. This means that even though it doesn’t follow the tips we mentioned above, it’s always better to jam all the SS characters you own into your squad.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Teambuilding Guide

The reason we made this guide is that players will eventually own multiple SS characters in the future if they play the game long enough. This means that you’ll also be able to properly create a team that can function well. It’s a good idea to start collecting different types of characters early with different elemental affinities, roles, and abilities to get you started with teambuilding.