The one part that stands out when you play The Eminence in Shadow RPG is the eye-catching characters that are introduced in the game. Since the character designs are well-made, it makes it easy to be obsessed with collecting the most powerful units in the game. However, looks can be deceiving because something that looks strong isn’t always a good unit to add to your team if you’re looking to clear both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game because they won’t add any benefit to your squad.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Character Tier List

There are many characters in The Eminence in Shadow RPG that look powerful. While it’s not great to be picky about the characters that you get as an F2P user, there are still a lot of factors that are in the player’s control when trying to summon useful characters. We already explained the bulk of it in our Teambuilding Guide so check that out if you’re trying to learn how to assemble a powerful squad.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG Character Tier List

It is only natural that SS characters make it to the top of the tier list. There are powerful characters in the S rank and below but the base stats of SS characters simply beat out its competitors in the lower ranks. As such, we’ll only be ranking SS characters and placing them where we think they belong in terms of power level.

Character Affinity Role
Young Researcher: Sherry Barnett Green Support
Fifth Member: Epsilon Red Damage
First of the Seven: Alpha Blue Tank
Innate Sword: Iris Midgar Red Damage
Idolized Swordplay: Alexa Midgar Green Damage
NPC Technique: Cid Kagenou Green Tank
Moonlight Shadow: Zeta Red Damage
Driven to Excellence: Rose Oriana Red Tank
Training Hard: Gamma Yellow Support
All in the Shadows: Nu Yellow Damage
Ruthless Instructor: Lambda Red Support
Small Predator: Delta Blue Damage

These rankings were taken according to their trend of usage in the PvP arena. The top-ranked players have placed these characters in their teams and have found success in their utility. Let’s take a look at why the S-tier characters have earned their place by taking a look at their strengths.

  • Young Researcher: Sherry Barnett

Healers are probably the most sought-after types of support characters with their jobs being extremely important to the functionality of the team. The more straightforward and powerful their healing capabilities are, the more valued they are to the team. Young Researcher: Sherry Barnett is a straightforward healer that can burst-heal your entire team or prevent your most important member from being taken down by a sudden burst of damage.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Character Tier List

Sherry Barnett excels as a healer because of how potent her restorative abilities are at keeping her teammates alive. While buffs are important too, having powerful healing abilities simply outweighs anything else because keeping the most important characters alive are central to the success of your battle in both PvE and PvP.

  • Fifth Member: Epsilon

Fifth Member: Epsilon is the most powerful damage dealer in the game with her ability to raise her own power at a devastating amount and then simply assassinate one (non-tank) character instantly. All her abilities deal a devastating amount of damage to the enemy team which makes her an excellent fit for the DPS role.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Character Tier List

Although she uses only single-target abilities, her part in being a DPS character is simply too good to pass up. Red characters are known for being able to boost their power at ridiculous amounts which only adds to the usefulness of this character in battle.

  • First of the Seven: Alpha

Tanks are probably the most overlooked role in the game because people often think that having a bulky character is enough to place on the frontline. However, the most important aspect of a tank is being able to keep itself alive long enough for the other teammates to finish the job. As such, tanks that can heal themselves are the most prized characters in the game.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Character Tier List

First of the Seven: Alpha has a lot of buffs that raise her own defense. However, the true value of this character is that she has multiple abilities that recover her own HP while in combat. This makes her one of the best frontline characters to have because the enemy team will have an extremely difficult time going through her.

  • Innate Sword: Iris Midgar

Innate Sword: Iris Midgar is a straightforward multi-target damage dealer that deals huge bursts of damage to a large area. Her abilities are extremely straightforward since they do pure damage and don’t bother applying buffs. This means that she isn’t hindered by characters that remove buffs so she can continuously deal huge bursts of damage to the enemy team from a safe position.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Character Tier List

She would be the most powerful damage dealer in the game if she were not heavily impacted by debuffs. Luckily, Iris Midgar’s usefulness in combat isn’t lowered significantly even though the enemy team tries to pile multiple debuffs on her. Simply being able to barrage the enemy with her abilities will be enough to the frontline characters fall after a few turns.

  • Idolized Swordplay: Alexa Midgar

Idolized Swordplay: Alexa Midgar has the same straightforward charm as her sister but she deals single-target damage instead. As a green character, she specializes in multi-hit techniques which are significant if she is paired with characters that buff her damage output and attacks. If she is added with the right combination of characters, her damage output can dish out crazy values even for a DPS.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG - Character Tier List

She also provides a lot of utility to the team by having semi-support abilities like heals. If you have a glass-cannon-type formation, you definitely want to have this character in your team because she raises the survivability of the squad with her powerful abilities. Many teams utilize her simply for that reason so it’s a good idea to take a good look at her and see if she can fit in the squad you’re trying to build.