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A Guide to Traits in The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

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We mentioned in the past how unit types are an important part of the combat in The Walking Dead No Man’s Land. The way each type of unit type interacts with every enemy variant marks the difference between a clean kill, and a messy encounter where your characters end up bruised or injured. However, while type matchups are paramount for ensuring the best kills, a character’s traits also play a vital role at all times.

A Guide to Traits in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Aside from your units’ base stats, they will also pick up different traits along the way as they rank up. For every rank (stars) they acquire, a character can learn an additional trait, up to a maximum of five. While ranking up is important as it’ll increase your character’s overall attributes, promoting a unit’s rank just for the sake of acquiring different traits is definitely worth the hassle.

However, the problem with traits in No Man’s Land is that they’re random and you’ll need to reroll them if you want to raise the best characters for your squad. Luckily, there’s a way to do this via the use of reroll tokens, a new currency that was implemented a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, while it’s possible to reroll traits, this doesn’t mean that optimizing your characters is easy. In fact, it’s still as tough as ever!

A Guide to Traits in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Luckily, we’ve created this handy guide where we compile type-specific traits, as well as list some of the most important traits to look out for at all times.

Type-Specific Traits

In the past, we explained how survivors in No Man’s Land are divided into several types, including Scouts, Bruisers, Hunters, Shooters, Warriors, and Assault. While each type excels in different situations, they also have traits specific to their category.

A Guide to Traits in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land


-Swift Strike: Gives a chance to restore a half-turn when killing an enemy.

-Threat Reduction (Weapon Trait): While every gunshot increases the number of zombies that spawn, this trait actually reduces the total, making it ideal for counteracting using numerous ranged survivors in your squad.


-Punish: Has a chance of triggering a free attack on any opponent adjacent to the bruiser at the end of the enemy’s turn.

-Concussion (Weapon Trait): Each of the bruiser’s attacks can stun the enemy. It works on walkers only, and its success is reduced by the target’s stun resistance.


-Marksman: A straightforward trait shared by all ranged classes, that increases the damage done by the character’s ranged attacks

-Incendiary (Weapon Trait): Has a chance on every attack to set the enemy on fire, turning them into flaming walkers. Keep in mind that, every time you attack a flaming walker with a melee survivor, they will get burned as well and take a bit of damage.


-Marksman: Same as above.

-High-Powered (Weapon Trait): Increases the maximum range from which the shooter can attack.


-Marksman: Same as above

-Wide Spread (Weapon Trait): Assault units attack from a distance and in a cone AoE. This trait increases the angle of the said AoE by a set number of degrees.


-Wide Arc (Weapon Trait): Increases the angle in which the Warrior can attack by several degrees, allowing him to cover a wider area with every swing.

A Guide to Traits in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Important Traits

As you can probably see from the list above, there are traits in No Man’s Land that are exclusive to the survivor type, and then there are traits provided by the weapon. However, since most weapons are exclusive to the specific survivor type, they might as well be considered an extension of their class traits.

Aside from the traits that are exclusive to your survivors in No Man’s Land, there are many other important traits that you should look out for:

A Guide to Traits in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

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The “Lucky” trait, for instance, is a universal perk that can significantly improve the performance of any unit. While it has no effect on its own, it increases the likelihood of any other chance-based traits to activate by a flat additive percentage. This increases make this perk vital to any survivor.

When it comes to ranged units, there is one important trait that you should keep an eye on: “Piercing.” As the missions get tougher and the enemy outlevels your own characters, you’ll start landing body shots, physical attacks that deal less damage than a standard attack. In fact, if the enemy is five levels or higher, the likelihood of landing a body blow will be 100%. The “Piercing” weapon trait makes it so that ranged units ignore the level difference and decrease the probability of landing a body shot by a flat percentage.

A Guide to Traits in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

As we explained in our combat and building guide for No Man’s Land, overwatch is a vital tool in any stage. By ending your turn with a full or a half-turn remaining, your characters will enter overwatch and will automatically attack any enemy that wanders into their range. This feature is paramount for playing defensively and is one of your best tools in any level.

There are several traits that increases the effectiveness of any unit engaged in overwatch:


Whenever a unit who’s not in overwatch is attacked, they will counter with a physical strike. This is great for when you’re in overwatch, but are swarmed by enemies. In this sense, you’d strike back once due to overwatch, and then once again due to this trait.


Similar to retaliate, but for ranged units and extending to all party members in range. Specifically, if an ally within range is attacked, the unit with this trait will shoot at the attacker.

A Guide to Traits in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

The bruiser-exclusive trait, “Punish,” which we mentioned above is also amazing for defensive play as it essentially gives the unit an extra attack when the enemy finishes his turn.

While Overwatch is an important tool in No Man’s Land, as we’ve established multiple times, there are traits that go beyond it and directly increases the unit’s defense. Some of these traits include “Iron Skin,” “Stun Resistance,” and “Dodge,” which increase the unit’s defense, resistance to stun effects, and gives him a chance to avoid damage outright, respectively. “Bulletproof” is another situational defensive trait that’s excellent for fighting enemy humans as it makes the character in question nigh impervious to gunfire and ranged attacks.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to earn traits that either plug the unit’s weaknesses, or help to magnify its strengths. For instance, for a Bruiser, this could be to either complement his meager attack with added effects, or to bolster his defenses and turn him into an immovable wall. Meanwhile, for a Scout, having access to an extra attack after killing an enemy will turn them into killing machines. Alternatively, having traits that improve their survivability when swarmed will also help tremendously.

Every class can learn around 15 different traits, most of which are useful. However, some of them are definitely more important than others, and this is where optimizing your squad comes into play. All the traits we’ve mentioned in this guide are universally important and, while we left out many other perks, they’re a good starting point if you’re just diving into the world of The Walking Dead No Man’s Land.

A Guide to Traits in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

What are your favorite go-to traits in No Man’s Land? Feel free to leave us your comments and suggestions so we can all learn more about this awesome game!

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