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The Walking Dead No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying

The Walking Dead, the zombie franchise has gained a lot of popularity over the years, and rightly so. It’s one of the few zombie series that offers a more down-to-earth perspective on the zombie apocalypse, showing how humans adapt and survive in the ensuing years after the spread of the Wildfire virus that turns the deceased into undead monstrosities. While the world is full of dangers and ravenous creatures, the survivors have adapted and created their own communities. Feel free to read our review on the game if you want a bit more background on this series.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying

In The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, you take control of a local campsite, which doubles down as your base of operations. The game shares some elements in common with the series, such as the hero characters that can join your team. However, aside from sharing the same universe, the stages and overall narrative is separate from that of the TV series and comics.

As the commander of your base, it’s your duty to produce enough resources for your survivors to lead a relatively peaceful existence in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. However, we use the term “peaceful” very loosely here as you’ll regularly need to venture out into the zombie-infested vicinities in search of resources and survivors. To this end, not only will you have to keep your people fed, but you’ll also have to train and deploy them in combat.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying

Luckily, when it comes to combat in No Man’s Land, this game is much like any other turn-based RPG, where knowing yourself and knowing the enemy is half the battle. While the turn-based combat and grid-based movement has some nuance to it, it all comes down to training your troops and deploying the right soldiers for the specific stage in question.

With that being said, surviving is not an easy feat, especially if you’re new and clueless like we were. Luckily, BlueStacks always has your back, so we’ve created a guide where you may learn the intricacies of choosing the best team for every battle. Alternatively, if you already know how to fight, and want to know how to use our BlueStacks tools to optimize your performance in The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, then feel free to read our BlueStacks usage guide for this game.

For the rest of you who want to learn how to fight; read on!

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying

Building Appropriate Teams

Both your characters and enemies come in different shapes and sizes, fit for performing different roles in the battlefield. However, while all combat boils down to hitting the enemy until their HP hits 0, it’s important to do so while avoiding getting damaged yourself. This is where type matchups come into play as some unit types are stronger against certain zombies than others.

Let’s take a look at the types of survivors you’ll find along the way in No Man’s Land:

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying


The very first type of survivor you’ll find. You begin the game with three of these and unlock the others as you go along. We consider Scouts to be the “Rogues” of No Man’s Land: They’re fast, can move a lot per turn, and deal high damage to single enemies. However, they’re frail and very vulnerable when overwhelmed. However, their high damage output makes them great for dealing with tanks and armored enemies.


The “tanks” of the game, with high resistance to damage, and an even higher HP value. Bruisers are some of the weaker units in terms of defense, but they can stun walkers with every blow. However, their utility is outlived in the latter stages of the game where zombies become resistant to stun. In most cases, it’s better to just eliminate the enemy outright than it is to stun it.

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The ranged version of Scouts. While they don’t move as much as their melee counterparts, Shooters deal tons of damage to single enemies, and they so from a safe distance. However, they share the same weaknesses as the Scouts, which means that they are quite fragile and prone to getting overwhelmed when surrounded by the walking dead as they can only attack individual enemies.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying


Another type of ranged unit with a penchant for dealing with crowds. Hunters hit hard—though not as hard as Shooters— and their projectiles can pierce and hit multiple enemies with single shots. These are great units for strategists that enjoy lining the enemies up to knock them down with one fell swoop.


All-around melee units with more health than a Scout but less than a Bruiser. They thrive in crowds of zombies as their attacks cleave multiple foes with every powerful swing. However, their medium health and mediocre defense makes them highly-vulnerable to ranged enemies as they can be significantly weakened before they can even reach their mark.


The very last type of unit you unlock, and with good reason. Assault units are the be-all-end-all of combat, sporting the ability to mow down crowds of foes from a distance while also enjoying sizeable HP pools. However, in terms of raw damage, they’re not as strong as other units who can only damage single enemies. Nevertheless, it’s likely that you’ll have one or two Assault troops in your squad later on.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying

Each character type has its own effective range as well as specific use on the battlefield. Of note, however, are the Scouts and Warriors, as they’re the ones that can make short work of tanks and armored enemies. Ranged units, on the other hand, are ideal for dispatching squishy enemies with no armor, but are completely ineffective against armored foes as their bullets prove useless against shields.

Now, let’s take a look at the enemies you’ll encounter in The Walking Dead No Man’s Land:

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying


Your typical zombie in No Man’s Land comes in many shapes and sizes. While the standard walking dead is easily dispatched by any type of unit, there are other special walkers that require different strategies to defeat.

Tanks: Zombies with an enormous HP pool and that sport a resistance to stun and control effects. They are easily dispatched by scouts.

Armored: Their shields protect them from all types of ranged attacks. However, melee units can sidestep their protection and cause maximum damage.

Flaming: They’re as weak as regular walkers. However, since they’re always aflame, any melee units that land a blow will get burned and lose a bit of their HP. Use ranged attacks whenever possible to deal with these enemies.

Bursters: As opposed to the previous enemy type, bursters must always be dispatched with melee units as they blow up when shot, causing tons of damage in a wide radius. Shoot them only when there are no allies nearby and when you’re clear of the “splash zone.”

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying

Spiked: These thorny walkers are the bane of the existence of any melee survivor as their attacks cause bleeding and prevents units from using their special skills. If you start to bleed, make sure to patch yourself up with a bandage ASAP. Always try to deal with these enemies with ranged units.


In some stages and game modes, you’ll run across groups of human survivors that will attack you. These enemies share the same traits as your characters, as well as their weaknesses.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land—Team Prep and Walker Slaying

Knowing what each unit type can do is paramount for dealing with both walker and human enemies in The Walking Dead No Man’s Land. In fact, knowing is half the battle since you always get a preview of which special enemies you’ll find in every stage before entering. In this sense, you can deploy the appropriate units for every stage and minimize your losses. Luckily, you have our handy BlueStacks guide to help you out!

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