In Command & Conquer Rivals, you have to reach the last level as quickly as possible, because you will be able to use all the units in your army only at the last level. Each level increase means that new units are unlocked for your army. For this reason, you should focus on the activities that will give you the most XP points. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can do this and we will also share some quick tips to level up faster in the battlefield.



Commander Level and Unit Level: What’s The Difference?

Command & Conquer Rivals have two different level systems. The first of these is your own level as a commander. Every match you win and all the activities you have successfully completed will allow you to earn XP points. With these points, you can increase your own level – this process takes place automatically. You can see what your current level is on the profile screen.



By raising your own level, you are getting two things:

Access to new units. There are many units in your army, but in the beginning, all are locked. However, with almost every level, a new unit type becomes usable. For example, you must be at least level 54 to use sniper units. Currently, the last level you can reach is 60.



Iron League Rank. The higher the level, the higher your Iron League rank. As your rank gets higher, you get access to new units and earn various prizes.



The second level system is about your units. You increase the level of your units manually. XP points are not used for this process. Instead, you need two resources: unit cards and credits.

Credits. You use this resource to “train” your units. Each unit can be trained three times. As a result of the training, their base stats start rising. You need to use more credits each time you do this. Before you can raise the level of a unit, you have to train it three times.



Unit Cards. To raise the level of a unit, you have to collect its “cards”. These cards come out of the reward crates. You have to collect more cards each time. For example, you need 10 cards to upgrade your basic infantry unit to level 3.



Training and collecting cards are two separate systems. You cannot raise the level of a unit until you collect the required number of cards. Training, however, can be done anytime as long as you have enough credits. In short, you need reward crates to collect these cards. And to get reward crates, you must win matches and raise your own level. Of course, you can also purchase them from the in-game store with real money, but we’ll talk about free methods in this guide.


The Ways Of Power Leveling

Some of the methods that can be used to gain XP points faster are shared below for your quick reference. However, many of these tactics require you to win matches and to learn how to do this, you should read the guide we prepared about PvP battles.

Join An Alliance and Make Donations

At this stage, alliances in Command & Conquer Rivals do not have much of a function. However, members can exchange unit cards between each other. After playing the game for a while, you will accumulate lots of unit cards you don’t need. If you donate them to other members, you can earn 100 XP each time. This may not seem like a high figure, but it will still be useful. You can use this method especially if you are about to gain another level but do not have time to make a new match.



Using The Daily XP Bonus

Surprisingly, the in-game store of Command & Conquer Rivals does not sell XP boosts. Instead, each player earns 10 daily XP boosts automatically and for free every day. In other words, you earn more XP points than usual for the first 10 battles you make every 24 hours. So, if your time is limited, try to complete at least 10 battles a day because you will earn more XP points. You can see your remaining XP bonus on the main mission screen.


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Keep Upgrading The Units

If you have enough resources and cards, we recommend that you keep increasing the level of the units even if you don’t plan on using them. This is an alternate commander XP resource that most players don’t know about. Increasing the level of a unit allows you to earn at least 50 XP points each time. Increasing the levels of several units in a row during the early game phase will allow you to reach level 10 faster. Note that this is an alternative to Alliance donations. Donating gives you more XP points but if you want to keep your cards or don’t want to join an Alliance, you can use this method instead.



Complete Bounty Missions

You can think of bounty tasks as daily achievements. Command & Conquer Rivals sets five goals each day for you to complete. Every goal you complete will give you 500 XP points. Apart from winning matches, this is the method where you can get the most number of XP points. Therefore, we recommend that you check and complete the bounty tasks every day. Some of these tasks are quite specific, so read carefully what you need to do. For example, some of the tasks require you to build a specific unit.



If you complete all 5 bounty missions, you also win one free rare reward crate. This crate contains very valuable items. So, try to complete all bounty tasks every day as long as possible.



If you don’t like a particular bounty task, you can get a new goal by clicking the refresh icon next to it. You are allowed to do this every 5 minutes. Note, however, that this process will cost 1 fuel each time. We recommend that you do not refresh bounty tasks because fuel is an important resource. Using it, you can reduce the delivery time of your daily convoy crate. This crate is normally delivered in 7 hours, but you can shorten the delivery time by up to 3 hours using fuel.



And of course, winning matches is a regular way to get XP points. The more matches you win, the faster you gain a level. If you want to know how to do this, be sure to check out our PvP Tips guide too.



Command & Conquer Rivals is not a game that has time-locks, so as long as you have enough time, you can play as much as you want without any restrictions. However, using the tips in this guide will allow you to reach the last level more quickly. Don’t forget to customize your controls for a more comfortable gaming experience. See you on the battlefield, commander!

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