Vikings War of Clans - strategies how to maximize resources using Capacity Tactics

Vikings: War of Clans is a popular game to expand your kingdom and lead your army to battles. Build an epic empire by looting and plundering from other players online. Do you have what it takes to be a wise and courageous Jarl? In this Vikings: War of Clans game guide video for PC you will learn of strategies how to maximize resources using “Capacity tactics” as implored by one of our avid gamers in our Community whose screen name is RevanTheLegend.

Play Better with BlueStacks on PC

First we’ll delve into keymapping on BlueStacks. These are quick shortcuts you can press keys to simulate taps, swiping and even pinch to zoom. In this video demonstration, we set the “A” key to zoom out and “Q” key to zoom in. You have the freedom to set keys to your own desire. It’s as simple as opening the keymapping tools, clicking the slot to map and typing a key (you can name it for better organization however not required). Furthermore, when you zoom into the kingdom you can see interesting tidbits such as Vikings training, Blacksmiths working, Mages sorcerering, etc. They look great on the larger screen of a PC versus a mobile device I might add.

My Strategy

Overall while playing Vikings you will want to manage several aspects and one is to focus on leveling up certain building at specified times to enable you to progress. However, in this guide we’ll focus on the raiding portion of kingdom resource building. As we visit the “Global” map we discover other player’s kingdoms nearby. Tip: if they have a blue shield around the building you cannot attack them as you have a peace treaty with them. You can, however, plunder those settlements without shields or free-standing monsters. Try not to go above your raid level when attacking monsters.

Specifically we’ll examine Capacity tactics to maximize currency needed for expansion. When we raid and capture smaller outposts we want to pay attention to “Capacity”. Meaning, how many troops you send out also determines the capacity of what you can bring back. In the video strategy guide we opted to send out all combatants in order to maximize what we return to our kingdom. Be careful here as you gauge the risk for the high reward, yet you leave your kingdom more vulnerable. After you “send” your troops there is a timer on how long it will take them to march into battle. Sending armies to closer raids yields shorter wait times, it also yields shorter time your defenses are off raiding which could make you vulnerable to your kingdom being attacked. It’s a balance of greed in raiding for currency while having fighters available in the case you are raided. So keep that in mind.

Once your troops make it to their raid there is a timer of completion, then a timer as they march back gluttonous with resources. After your troops have returned you can visit the “Mail” tab under “Reports” to see the summary of looted resources.


Try not to exceed attacking other settlements and monsters above your level. Try to gauge whether it’s worth it to risk sending all troop capacity for greater rewards or a balanced raid in the case you are attacked. As you build, try to balance building levels. Hopefully this guide and video illustrates how to gain an advantage in Vikings: War of Clans to maximize loot plundered which can help you build faster. Stay tuned for more game guides of this series.


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