Although War Machines: Tank Battle turns four years old in 2020, there’s a strong community of loyal players who keep it entertaining and alive. Fun Games For Free Hong Kong are also known for developing Sniper 3D and Castle Crush. You can expect the same level of gameplay simplicity from WM as with the previous two. This time around, however, the devs tried their best to bring the World of Tanks hype to the mobile platform.

The Best Tanks in War Machines: Tank Battle

In this article, we’d like to give you an overview of the best tanks of each tier. Knowing them will not only give you a better idea of what you should raise money and diamonds for, but also teach you who to avoid on the battlefield. Ready, commander?

Tier 1

This is the rookie level. Don’t underestimate it, though, as some of the engines in this category are truly fearsome. The T-26 is the best F2P choice you can hope for here. Its prowess is true to its real-life reputation. Although just slightly slower than the Chaffee (by 0.6 km/h when fully upgraded), the soviet light-infantry tank has much better survivability, fire rate, and attack.

The Best Tanks in War Machines: Tank Battle

If you opt for a premium subscription, the M60 Patton will blow everyone out of the water. Despite it being slightly slower to reload than the T-26, the damage is incomparable – Patton delivers destruction to everyone else in the category with no less than 75 base damage. It’s also the fastest of the bunch, which means you can shoot and hide around the map quite easily.

Tier 2

This is where it really gets interesting. If you’re a strategic player, you can easily overcome everyone in the category with a Scorpion. Make sure to check out our tips and tricks article (hyperlink to: “WM_TipsandTricks”) to find out how. Although it has less overall power than the Sherman and the AMX30, the British reconnaissance vehicle is incredibly fast at both moving and shooting.

The Best Tanks in War Machines: Tank Battle

However, for those players who take pleasure in taking the center position and blasting everyone else, the AMX30 will get the job done. There’s a reason why it was one of the most successful tanks of the 20th century, with many countries still using it to this day.

Tier 3

There’s no doubt about the fact that the 95 Ha-Go dominates the F2P tier 3 rank, which seems to be replete with infantry-fighting vehicles. If you’re asking us, this is a bit counter-intuitive in a game where your opponent will always be …. well, another tank.

The Best Tanks in War Machines: Tank Battle

The powerhouse here is the 2S1 Gvozdika (or Carnation in English), which is actually a fully amphibious self-propelled howitzer. Although developed in the 1970s, the Soviet carnation sees action to this day, most recently in the Donbass region, where Russian proxies are leading an insurgence against Ukraine.

Tier 4

At this rank, the F2P Panzer IV holds its ground admirably in front of the IS-44. This is no surprise, as the Panzerkampfwagen was not only the most-produced tank in the German military throughout WW2, but also the most exported one. Although the soviet heavy tank has 100 more armor, we see its reduced speed as a much bigger impediment when you’re going up against experienced gunners.

The Best Tanks in War Machines: Tank Battle

To be fair, we expected much more firepower on the side of IS-4 (also known as Object 701). The again, it is one of the most impractical tanks ever made due to its sluggishness and it was eventually discontinued after no more than 250 units. In fact, the Soviet heavy engine acquired more renown as a stationary pillbox, rather than mobile fighting machine.

Tier 5

Unfortunately, this is where the gap between the F2P and P2W playstyles becomes the most visible. Neither the Centurion, the Tiger, nor the T-34 stand a chance in front of Ariete’s 120mm smoothbore gun. The latter delivers an outstanding 500 attack with each shot, which dwarfs the Tiger’s 300. Centurions and Tigers will take an average of 4 shots to be downed, whereas the T-34 can be killed by Ariete in 3 shots or less.

The Best Tanks in War Machines: Tank Battle

Tier 6

The modern warfare category. Fortunately, the devs came up with a more balanced line-up than the previous one. The winner of the free bunch here is definitely the M1A1 Abrams. We didn’t expect anything less from the main battle tank of the US Marine Corps and the Army. Even if the previous project to replace the M60 Patton was a complete failure, this series was and continues to be a major success.

The Best Tanks in War Machines: Tank Battle

In fact, arms sales from the US to Saudi Arabia continue to ensure a steady flow of Abrams versions into the Middle East to this date. At the other end of the spectrum is the T-90. Another modern powerhouse, this engine features roughly 200 more armor than the Abrams and just 80 more damage. It’s close enough for skill to make a huge difference.

Tier 7

Last, but definitely not least is the ultimate tier. This is where the T14 Armata and the Altay are duking it out for the champion of War Machines title. Both of these outstanding engines are 21st century designs and productions.

On the one hand, the T14 has been described as a major concern for Western armies, mostly due to its unmanned turret and alleged camouflage against radar. Although a bit slower to move and reload than the Type 99 and the Hitomaru, the attack bonus is significant enough to overcome the latter two.

The Best Tanks in War Machines: Tank Battle

On the other hand, the Turkish Altay features more armor, more damage, and a faster reloading speed than the T14. Sitting at a whopping $13 million for each unit, there’s no doubt about the fact that Altay is one of the most expensive tanks ever made.

So far, these are the best tanks of War Machine. If current trends are any indication, we might yet see another tier released not far from now. When that happens, you best be ready to spend if you want to have access to the best war equipment there is.