If World of Tanks is your kind of game, then you’re likely to have a lot of fun while playing War Machines: Tank Battle. Sure, the balance of power in War Machines is very obviously tipped in favor of P2W players, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build your career and have fun without spending any money. You just have to know what you’re doing.

War Machines: Tank Battle on PC – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Beginners

In a previous article, we looked at some of the best tanks in War Machines so that you know which vehicles are worth upgrading and which are simply trash. With that in mind, we’d now like to focus on 8 essential tips and tricks that can help beginners – and especially F2P players – climb the ranks and compete against the best opponents on the server.

1. Use the Tutorial Battle to Get Your Bearings

War Machines: Tank Battle is the kind of game that throws you directly into action instead of holding your hard as you learn all the basics. While we appreciate this hands-on approach, it might put players who have no experience with the genre at a disadvantage because as soon as you hit the “Battle” option, the game begins to measure your performance.

War Machines: Tank Battle on PC – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Beginners

You only have one “tutorial” battle where you get the chance to learn the controls and find out what you can do in the game. We suggest you make full use of it. Plus, if you download War Machines: TB on your PC using BlueStacks, you can take this time to explore the game with your mouse and keyboard. If you get used to the advanced controls from the very beginning, you’ll have an easier time maneuvering your tank into battle once you play against real opponents.

2. Upgrade Your Tank Regularly

Five components of your tank can be upgraded for the following benefits:

  • The turret gives you additional attack power,
  • The barrel allows you to shoot faster,
  • The chassis increases your armor,
  • The engine improves your movement speed, and
  • The tracks boost both your armor and your movement.

War Machines: Tank Battle on PC – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Naturally, you’ll want to upgrade all of these components in order to level the playing field and stand a chance against your opponents. However, you should also consider that you will very likely switch to a different tank (and soon). Don’t use any more upgrade resources than you have to until you finally land the perfect vehicle.

3. Focus on the Turret and Chassis

Since resources are limited, you should use them sparingly, which will sometimes mean that you have to prioritize between different upgrades to maximize the gain and minimize the cost.

War Machines: Tank Battle on PC – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Beginners

We recommend that you focus on the Turret and the Chassis. This is not to say that you shouldn’t improve any other component, but you should always have these two a few steps ahead of the rest if you want to transform your tank into a resilient and destructive machine.

4. Use Patterns and Decals to Improve Your Performance

If you have Diamonds to spare (which, generally speaking, might be the case once you’ve unlocked your favorite tank), you can further upgrade your vehicle with patterns and decals.

War Machines: Tank Battle on PC – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Beginners

These change the appearance of your tank, but are far more important than mere cosmetics. While patterns boost your tank’s attack and shots by up to 75%, decals do the same for your armor and movement. Mind you, however: these are temporary buffs and will be active for only a few hours or a few days, depending on each purchase. Use them wisely and preferably during Clan events!

5. Watch Your Positioning on the Map

The best way to improve your ranking in each battle is to constantly be aware of your position relative to that of other players. Depending on the type of battle, this is important for different reasons.

During a “Free for All” match, for example, everyone will be busy shooting at everyone else. If you can keep your tank on the sidelines, out of the immediate sight of your opponents, you can choose the optimal moment to shoot and even steal kills from other players.

6. Always Try to Shoot from Behind

There is not better way to destroy enemy tanks than by shooting them from behind. The game is designed in such a manner that every hit from behind deals 3 to 4 times more damage than a regular hit.

War Machines: Tank Battle on PC – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Normally, you would need 5-6 shots to destroy a tank in a direct confrontation, but if you manage to sneak behind them, you’ll need no more than 2 successful hits. This is another reason why map awareness is so important in War Machines. The better you position yourself compared to your enemies, the more chances you will get to compromise their back sides.

7. Complete Daily Missions for Free Diamonds

Daily missions are simple tasks that you can easily complete in any type of battle. These include destroying a certain number of tanks, performing upgrades, and achieving a specific rank during a match.

War Machines: Tank Battle on PC – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Beginners

The rewards are considerable, though. Three Diamonds might not seem like much to begin with, but you can use them to purchase a decal, for example, and upgrade your vehicle significantly for a few hours. As such, you should complete these missions whenever you have the chance. Don’t forget that the reset is at 12 a.m. every day (may vary based on your time zone).

8. Join a Clan for Exclusive Rewards

Joining a clan is not only a way to make friends and have more fun in War Machines, but also a great way to unlock new game modes and obtain even more rewards. Clan fights pit you up against other clans in epic battles, while weekly missions can be completed to get more Diamonds.

War Machines: Tank Battle on PC – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Beginners

War Machines: Tank Battle is a fairly simple game – you upgrade your tank, destroy your enemies, then use the rewards to upgrade your tank some more. We like it that way. Still, these tips and tricks will ensure that you get the best possible start in your WM career. The faster you can acquire better tanks and upgrades, the sooner you can take revenge on all those OP players you were matched up against on the way.