Games like Rise of Kingdoms and State of Survival have carved a niche for themselves in the market thanks to their innovative concepts and engaging mechanics. However, when several good things start popping up in a gaming genre, the copycats will soon follow, trying to combine popular elements, adding a fresh coat of paint on top, and publishing them to try and capitalize on the success of others. 

Warpath Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies for Building Your Camp and Winning Battles

Warpath, on the other hand, is quite a different experience from everything else that we’ve seen in the mobile strategy genre, and definitely sets itself apart with its innovative construction mechanics, as well as the way the units, combat, and resource gathering works. We suggest taking a look at our beginner’s guide if you want to learn all about how this title does strategy gameplay differently, and how to get started on the right foot.

Today, however, we wanted to spend some more time diving into some useful tips and tricks that you can follow in order to progress effectively in the game. 

Follow the Story Chapters

While this is pretty much the case in most mobile games, following the story missions in Warpath is quite important as it will guide you in the beginning to build the most important structures, in exactly the right order. And not only that, but after completing a chapter, you will receive plenty of awesome rewards such as units, resources, speed ups, and even premium currency. 

Warpath Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies for Building Your Camp and Winning Battles

However, the most significant part about advancing in the story is quickly leveling up your account, which will give you access to more buildings and units, including the coveted additional Barracks slots through which you’ll be able to deploy additional troops to the field and increase your firepower exponentially.

Though there will come a time when you can ignore the story missions, your best bet, at least in the beginning, will be to grind through these as fast as possible.

Always Assign Units to Your Army Slots

And speaking of Barracks, your army in Warpath functions very differently than in other strategy games. Specifically, instead of constantly training new troops every time the timer finishes, you must build Barracks in your camp. Each Barracks opens up an army slot in your base, in which you can assign a unit from your roster. Afterward, in the Army screen, you can spend military funds and reserve troops to train your squadrons and deploy them to the field.

Warpath Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies for Building Your Camp and Winning Battles

However, the most important part of the process here is assigning your units to the Barracks, as you won’t be able to recruit or deploy them to the field otherwise. After all, there’s no point in unlocking new Barracks slots if you’re just going to leave them empty!

Something important to note is that, in Warpath, your units don’t heal themselves automatically unless you find a first aid kit from fallen enemies. If a unit’s HP is low, you must go to the Army screen and spend funds and troops to replenish their ranks and bump their health back up to full.

Always Produce Items In Your Engineering Centers

Like in most games, building structures in Warpath requires resources. Some of these resources are readily available straight from the source, and these include crude oil, military funds, and steel. You can view your total amount available of these three on the top panel of your screen. 

Warpath Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies for Building Your Camp and Winning Battles

However, some upgrades and buildings require other specific materials, most of which require some sort of processing to manufacture. Materials like planks, bricks, and cement, among a few others, can’t be gathered from anywhere on the map, other than from the enemies that you defeat, which can sometimes drop a few units of these. Instead, the best way to generate these materials is through your Engineering Centers, a type of building that becomes available early into the game.

In these buildings, you can commission your workers to produce materials, with each of these requiring a different amount of time to complete. As you level up the Engineering Center, more recipes, as well as more production slots to manufacture more materials in a single queue, will become available to you. 

Warpath Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies for Building Your Camp and Winning Battles

Fortunately, these materials, at least in the beginning, are completely free to manufacture, though you need to manually issue the production orders every time they finish. In this sense, you should always be working on something in your Engineering Center. Even if you don’t need the materials right away, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a use for them in the future.

Research as Much as Possible

Your troops are the key to winning wars in Warpath. Specifically, while your soldiers are the ones who will be engaging the enemy, it’s your technological prowess that will actually give them the means to win battles. 

Warpath Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies for Building Your Camp and Winning Battles

Once you unlock the Research Station, you will gain access to a couple of tech trees with a bunch of items that you can research, and which can grant enormous benefits to your base. One of such benefits includes expanding your maximum reserve troops limit by a whopping 100 points. While this may not sound like much down the line, it will be pivotal for replenishing your troops, particularly if you like to engage in combat often.

Regardless, the tech trees offer benefits for most aspects of your town, including speeding up construction, product manufacturing times, and even the rate at which your Barracks can train troops. 

Researching, just like producing materials, is something that you should always be doing.

Keep Your Troops Upgraded

While unlocking some of the best units in the game will definitely help to improve your effectiveness in combat, you can get by with a couple of regular troops in the beginning, as long as you devote enough resources to upgrading them, that is. 

Unlike in other games where the only way to upgrade troops is by unlocking higher tiers, or by researching certain technologies, you can directly improve your current units by upgrading them in the units screen. This is similar in concept to the characters in gacha games, only instead of individual characters, your units consist of multiple soldiers or vehicles in a single squad, which is related to the level of the Barracks to which they are assigned. 

Warpath Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies for Building Your Camp and Winning Battles

Regardless of the level of your Barracks, however, you can also upgrade your soldiers by spending Arms Experience in the Units screen. This experience is obtained by fighting against enemies or completing different challenges, and is used for boosting your units’ max HP and firepower, thus making them stronger in combat, without having to spend costly materials for upgrading buildings or researching technologies. 

Warpath Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies for Building Your Camp and Winning Battles

In this sense, try to keep your units upgraded as much as possible before attempting to fight some of the tougher enemies on the world map.

These are just a handful of tips, tricks, and strategies that can help to get you started in Warpath. Feel free to share your own tidbits of information in the comments below to help out the newbies who are just beginning their journeys!