Warpath: Ace Shooter is the fan-favourite real-time shooting FPS game that see’s you role-play as an agent of the joint forces fighting on the frontline against the chaotic Raven army. Players will have full control of the battlefield, and can play multiple roles. They can be the major tactician, the commander, or the sniper! The game has already received positive reviews from the audience, completing 2 successful years of operation since global launch. Warpath: Ace Shooter is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

In this guide for Warpath: Ace Shooter, we will be providing some of our personally observed and tested combat tips to increase the overall efficiency of you in real-time battles. Wars can be huge, bloody, and resource intensive. You can incur some heavy losses in large wars, thus, eventually leading to your downfall. We will be sharing the best tips from a beginner perspective to beat your opponents at their own game!

Understanding your Units

As Warpath: Ace Shooter is a real-time shooter that also has a lot of RPG elements attached to it, players need to know the pros and cons for each unit in the game in order to understand the combat situation better. A thorough understanding of each unit will also let you assess the right move at the time. Do not simply rush and send out all your units from the get go. See what the enemy is using. For example, if they are having a lot of frontline heavy tanks, then make sure to use the Tank Hunters first in order to create an opening.

Warpath: Ace Shooter – Guide to Winning Battles Easily

If the enemies have land troops that are coming at you at blazing speed, then use the fast marches to deter them from their paths. Offense is the best defense sometimes, and that saying proves fruitful in Warpath: Ace Shooter. Use your heavy tanks or frontline troops first to create an opening for your airforce.

Know Your Positions in Battle

Knowing your own position in long drawn-out wars is going to be crucial if you are looking to form strategies on how to counter enemy strats or to simply assess your next move on the battlefield. Remember, you are the sole commander in-charge of your allied forces and your orders are the ultimate ones. While Heavy Tanks and melee units provide a great deal of defensive capabilities, they are quite slow and eat a lot of resources for maintenance. If you have a good amount of infantry troops, you should directly use them first instead of using the tankers first. Using heavy tanks along with artillery fire is preferred to create an opening for your infantry as well as to siege an area.

Warpath: Ace Shooter – Guide to Winning Battles Easily

Do Not Cut off your Teammates

Many players knowingly or unknowingly block off their teammates, which only makes them suffer in the long run. Remember that they are your allies, and not a game of fish wherein who kills the most or who reaches the goal first. You both will need to work together in order to achieve victory. Mindlessly deploying heavy tanks on the trajectory of your teammate’s areas can lead to potential blockage of support. 

Warpath: Ace Shooter – Guide to Winning Battles Easily

One more thing, setting up your bases at the right location is also important or else it will create a big problem for troops when they are moving. Marching too far away from base or getting blocked by multiple bases in a row are equally bad problems. The ideal range of setting up your base is at least 50 kilometres apart for improved movement of troops.

Do not Train more Units when Marches are Away

A big criticism that is often seen by majority of the players are that their marches are too far way when they train new units to be deployed. This is logical, and happens in real life war situations as well. This is due to the fact that your new troops have to walk off across the entire map before reaching the position of the marches. On the way, they could be easily gunned down by snipers or simply mortar explosions. If you feel like you are losing on the frontline, then retreat all the troops and get back some of your resources. Prepare for a fresh attack and start training new troops afterwards. This can help you increase your win rate as well as increase the amount of reserves you can carry.

Warpath: Ace Shooter – Guide to Winning Battles Easily

Assigning the Correct Officers

If you’re new to strategy FPS games, you might be unaware that you can deploy officers on the battlefield to command your marches. Each officer has their own benefits and can impact the performance of units by their passive abilities. Picking and assigning the right officers according to the type of units you are using in marches or training at the moment can go a long way to enhance the performance of the units in battles. For example, using Tank-type officers such as Percy to command Tanks and melee offensive units is the best course of action.

Players can enjoy Warpath: Ace Shooter even more on a bigger screen with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!