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West Game on PC : How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

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Every base-building MMO has its tricks and West Game is no different. We’ve shared several of these before, but they’re likely to be suitable only for beginner players. Once you get a hang of the game, you start to realize that the only limit to your fun, and, indeed, to your settlement’s growth, actually hinges on the level of your Town Center.

West Game: How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

The bigger and better your TC, the more army you can recruit and send out to attack other players, monsters, or to get some of those precious resources you need to keep things going. You can’t always be working if there isn’t enough iron, wood, or food to go around. And that’s not all!

A Gold Digger’s Heaven (No Pun Intended)

The more advanced your Town Center, the faster you can build new constructions. As you may have noticed throughout the tutorial, there is this final phase of a construction where you can speed it up instantly. You start at about 5 minutes and, the higher your TC, the bigger this timeframe gets. More important than the instant finish is the ability to send out more armies, or marches. These enables you to attack more effectively, but also farm better.

West Game: How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

For example, at TC level 9, you can send out a total of 105,000 units in three batches of 35k. At level 10, this increases to a significant 160,000 in 4 marches of 40k each. The advancement from 9 to 10 almost doubles your overall firepower in one go. With these many guns on your side, you can finally say goodbye to being harassed by outlaws up to no good. Furthermore, you can actually devise a thorough strategic approach to your battles – such as dividing your battalions among several marches to perform synchronized and mock attacks.

West Game: How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

It may be tempting to think of West Game purely as an RTS where the one with the most units wins, but this is far from being the case. Just check out our guide to West Game combat to find out more about what you can do to get the upper hand on your opponents. Being able to successfully plunder resources will actually be an important part of the game. The later you get, the more this will become apparent since you will need tremendous amounts of resources to keep upgrading your base.

West Game: How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

This is just not one of those games you can play without taking on other players and forcing them to “share” some of their resources. It’s the way of the cruel, cruel world in the wild West. Nobody said it was going to be nice. But don’t worry, you’ll also be the target of many attacks. Take this as a granted and always try to use up all of your resources before logging off for a longer period of time.

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How to Use Your Early Momentum

Especially if you’ve just started a new account, you can use the additional resources you get early on to build a good momentum that will carry you through the mid game. As you’ve probably noticed by now, following the main quest is your best bet. This habit will generate a lot of resources for you, not to mention help save a tremendous amount of time you’d otherwise have to dedicate to farming.

West Game: How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

Many people make the mistake to invest in an army early on. Do yourself a favor and don’t. We know it’s tempting, especially with all those minions right outside of your settlement. Don’t worry, though, because you’ll get enough chances to pray on them later on. For now, the number of troops you can recruit won’t even make a dent in terms of either farming or pillaging resources. Tier I mortars are just not that great. Moreover, everything you recruit will keep eating away at your resources until units die or your food is completely gone.

West Game: How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

The best possible way to maximize your progression is to ensure you have a steady supply of resources. Since you can’t raid anybody (we’re kind of weak and we don’t have an army just yet), you should focus on stacking your entire outer base with resource generating buildings. Whenever you build one, you can see how many of each you currently have. In your main base, try to aim for a balance between the 4 types.

West Game: How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

However, if you want to keep up with the steep demand for materials, you’ll have to use additional accounts dedicated just to farming, ideally 1 for each type of resource. The BlueStacks Multi-Instance Manager and the Synchronize feature can help you get them all up and running quite fast. It took us roughly 10 minutes. Pretty awesome, huh?

To truly become a master farmer and really speed up your Town Center’s progression, you’ll want to focus your research on the Economy branch in each of these secondary accounts. This will guarantee you’re getting the most out of them. As with your main settlement, don’t leave large amounts of resources lying about, especially since these places are not defended by anything at all. The Warehouse is a good idea to save some resources, but its capacity is quite limited.

West Game: How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

Always Be Prepared

Like most base-builders of its kind, West Game gives you a limited beginner protection. After this expires, you’re all on your own. It might seem scary to begin with, but we guarantee that nobody will even bother to attack you before you reach TC level 8 or higher. Even then, you might not be worth the hassle.

The best way to keep enemies at bay is to join a good, active Alliance. This will take some time to find, since most groups are filled with inactive accounts, but, once you do, things will get much easier in terms of attacking and defending your settlement. You might think that somebody coming at you with 80,000 troops is insane. However, if just 3 of your allies contributes with half that amount, you’ll easily win the day.

West Game: How to Grow Your Town Center Fast

Mobile strategy games are all about progression and tactical resource management. If you manage the latter, the former will come naturally. It will take a bit more time if you’re an F2P player, but it’s definitely achievable. Especially if you’re really into the Western genre, the effort will be worthwhile at the end of the day.

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