The Wild West is a merciless place where only the strongest survive. If you want to thrive in West Game, then you’ll have to steel yourself for battle, raise an army of loyal cowboys, and take to the fields to meet your foes. However, before being able to develop your town, train troops, and dominate your foes, you must establish an acceptable production. In fact, before you’re able to do anything in this game, you’ll need to ready your town and make certain preparations.

Starter Tips and Tricks for West Game

In West Game, like in many other conquest games, there is a grace period in which you are unable to attack—or be attacked—, which you can use for developing your town, shoring up your defenses, and readying your troops for future battles. In West Game, this peace shield lasts for a couple of days, so you have some time to get ready before you become a prime target for those who wish to raid your town.

In this guide, we’ll go over several tips and tricks that you can use in West Game to get ready and prepare your town for the time when your peace shield wears off.

Secure a Decent Production

The most important part of progressing in West Game is creating a decent resource production from the start so that you’ll always have enough materials to build everything you need. While the game only instructs you to build one building for each resource, you’d do well to ignore its suggestions and build as many as you can. In particular, you’ll need plenty of farms to sustain the troops you’ll be training. However, most projects require a little bit of every resource, so try to spread out your production buildings accordingly.

Starter Tips and Tricks for West Game

There are 23 slots for production buildings. In our initial setup, we built 11 farms, 5 logging camps, and 3 quarries and mines. In the future, we might demolish some of these buildings to accommodate our fluctuating resource requirements. Specifically, since you’ll be mostly raiding other players and gathering spots to maintain your dwindling food supplies, you’ll be able to remove most of your farms and replace them with other buildings.

Starter Tips and Tricks for West Game

Focus on the Main Quest

There will come a time when you’ll need to make tough decisions about which buildings to upgrade and which technologies to research. However, from the start, you can easily follow the main quests to get guidance in this matter. In fact, one of the first things you should do in West Game is to click on the missions located on bottom center of the screen.

Starter Tips and Tricks for West Game

For this purpose, we recommend using the Keymapping Tool to set a shortcut on the main missions, just mashing it every time you need to issue another construction project. Stop wasting time thinking about what you need to build and let the game do it for you. In fact, use our BlueStacks tools to streamline this process and save yourself hours—and clicks—in the process.

Pillage and Gather From the Map

West Game is a conquest title and, as its genre implies, you’ll be doing a lot of fighting and conquering on the world map. In fact, as we mentioned above, most of your resource production in the late game will come from raiding other players or, at the very least, gathering from resource points on the map. Because of this, it’s a good idea to develop certain practices from the very beginning.

Starter Tips and Tricks for West Game

As soon as you’re able, you should start sending troops out to the map to gather resources. While your army is small, you’ll only bring back home small amounts of resources. However, as you grow your troops and additionally units join your army, this amount will increase significantly, to the point where your main resource production will come from the map.

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Starter Tips and Tricks for West Game

Attacking players is an entirely different matter and should only be performed on targets that you’re certain won’t fight back. Abandoned bases, weaker players without alliances, and towns that have been significantly weakened by other attacks are all prime targets for the taking. Just make sure you’re well-equipped to fend off any potential counter attacks while you’re offline; you never know what these scrubs can do!

Specialize in Mortars at the Beginning

In the same vein as the previous tip, you’ll need to train the right type of troops if you want maximum returns on your gathering trips. In the beginning, the unit type with the most load capacity is the Mortars. These will be your main gathering units that you’ll send on expeditions to bring back resources from the map. However, keep in mind that you’ll also need lots of other units if you want to stand a chance in combat. In this sense, once you’ve trained a decent number of other units, feel free to dump excess resources on Mortars as they’re more than worth the investment in the resources they’ll bring back from expeditions.

Starter Tips and Tricks for West Game

Always be Working (ABW)

The main cause of failure in conquest games is from excessive idle time, which leads to being unprepared for when the peace shield wears off. To avoid this, you need to always be working, or ABW for short. By practicing this principle, you can keep your base updated and progress as fast as possible.

As we mentioned above, if you ever lose sight of what to do, you can simply work on the main quests. However, once you’ve advanced considerably into the game, you’ll need to follow certain priorities. Remember that your resources are the most important part of West Game, so you should always be gathering from the map. Your next priority should be to upgrade your Town Center as this building will set the pace for all your other structures in your town. In a close third place, you’ll need to upgrade your economic building to the highest possible level in order to optimize your resource production.

Starter Tips and Tricks for West Game

Aside from these three main priorities, you should also make sure that you’re researching new techs in the Academy at all times. The only other thing that remains is your Barracks. Specifically, you should always be training new troops to ensure your continued safety in the Wild West.

West Game is a conquest game with a lot to do. All these tasks can seem a little overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the genre. Luckily, all you need to do is to break them down into smaller pieces, and suddenly the game becomes a cinch. With the tips in this guide, you’ll know where to focus your efforts from the second you start developing your town.

Starter Tips and Tricks for West Game

Do you have any other tips and tricks about this game that you’d like to share? Leave us your comments in the section below!

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