In the enigmatic game, What in Hell is Bad?, the cosmos stands at a precipice. One day, the Creator vanishes, leaving behind a world filled with questions and suspicions. Depending on whom you ask, the blame might fall on Hell, Solomon, or even Heaven itself. This pivotal event thrusts the realms of both Heaven and Hell, along with you, a descendant of Solomon, into the turbulent tides of the eternal Armageddon, fueled by mutual misunderstandings.

The narrative delves deep into the machinations of the Seven Deadly Sins’ devils and their 72 vassal devils, each holding dominion over their unique territories, standing toe to toe with the three Seraphim who detest them. The ultimate prize? The inheritor of Solomon, once the favorite of God. By possessing this descendant, one would wield the might of the Almighty, thus bringing an end to the perpetual battle between the divine and the damned.

Constructed on the intricate magical foundation inspired by the Keys of Solomon, What in Hell is Bad? showcases a plethora of demons vying to control Solomon’s heir and claim the throne. With the fate of every universe hanging in the balance, the final temptation unfolds. Featuring world-class illustrations, interactive character mechanics, and a captivating voice-acted narrative, this is a tale of celestial proportions that promises both dark intrigue and whimsical encounters.

Key Game Features

What in Hell is Bad? weaves a captivating tale set in a world after God’s mysterious disappearance. This game boasts a plethora of features that provide players with both immersive storytelling and engaging gameplay. Let’s delve into some of its standout features.

Engaging Narrative: The story revolves around the eternal Armageddon, shaped by mutual misunderstandings, where Heaven and Hell collide. As Solomon’s descendant, you are thrust into this chaotic battleground, with the outcome potentially reshaping the universe.

Magical Setting: Based on the Keys of Solomon, the game’s foundation offers a mystical backdrop that roots the narrative in historical and magical traditions, allowing for a rich and deep lore.

Character Interactivity: Not just passive entities, characters in the game can be touched, scratched, and stroked, providing a unique dimension of engagement and immersion.

World-Class Illustrations: The graphics and design elements are of top-tier quality, allowing players to truly get lost in the enchanting worlds of Heaven, Hell, and Earth.

Voiced Main Story: The inclusion of voice acting by a superlative cast enhances the overall gaming experience, bringing characters and narratives to life.

Diverse Cast: From the Seven Deadly Sins’ devils to the 72 vassal devils and the three Seraphim, the game offers a vast array of characters, each with its own backstory and purpose.

Multiple Stories and Stages: With over 100 stories and stages, players will never run out of content, ensuring varied and prolonged gameplay.

Adorable Battle Illustrations: While the game’s theme is intense, the battle illustrations are designed to be cute and delightful, offering a contrast that keeps the gameplay balanced and entertaining.

Ultimate Temptation: The game’s climax revolves around the fate of all universes, with the outcome dependent on which entity is crowned king, adding an epic dimension to the gameplay narrative.

System Requirements and BlueStacks Installation

For an optimal experience playing What in Hell is Bad? on your PC, it’s imperative to check a few system requirements. Primarily, you’ll want to have a compatible operating system with all the current updates. Suitable operating systems include Windows 7, 8, or 10.

Download and Installing What in Hell is Bad? on PC

Now that you know what What in Hell is Bad? has to offer, it’s now time to dive into how you can play on your PC or Mac using BlueStacks.

  1. On the BlueStacks website, search “What in Hell is Bad?” and click on the relevant result.
  2. Click on the “Play What in Hell is Bad? on PC” link on the top left.
  3. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  4. Click on the “What in Hell is Bad?” icon at the bottom in the app player.
  5. Complete the Google Sign-in to install the game.
  6. Click the “What in Hell is Bad?” icon on the home screen to start playing.

How to Play What in Hell is Bad? on PC With BlueStacks

Picture a world thrown into chaos: God has vanished, and the universe is awash with speculation. What in Hell is Bad? takes players into the heart of a cosmic blame game. Hell points fingers, Solomon’s name is whispered in hushed tones, and Heaven itself isn’t free from suspicion. Suddenly, you, as Solomon’s descendant, find yourself amidst the epic clash of the eternal Armageddon, a battleground shaped by misunderstandings.

Enter the sinister corridors of Hell, where the devils of the Seven Deadly Sins rule with an iron fist, flanked by their 72 vassals, each governing their own dominions. In contrast, the three Seraphim, divine beings of light, stand in fierce opposition to these dark forces. The grand prize in this celestial warfare? You, Solomon’s heir. The one who claims you will harness the unparalleled power of God, potentially halting the endless strife between Heaven and Hell.

Drawing inspiration from the esoteric Keys of Solomon, What in Hell is Bad? offers a rich, magical backdrop that will pull players deep into its lore. Demons of all kinds vie for the opportunity to control the all-powerful descendant of Solomon, each with dreams of universal domination.

Experience a narrative brought to life by top-tier voice acting and engage with lifelike characters you can truly interact with. With over a hundred stages and stories, dazzling illustrations, and delightful battle sequences, it’s a fantastical journey where the line between good and evil blurs. The ultimate showdown awaits.

How to Play What in Hell is Bad? on PC With BlueStacks

Rise to the challenge in What in Hell is Bad? on PC with BlueStacks and play on a larger screen with enhanced controls. Play with a mouse, keyboard, or gamepad, and forego smudging your phone’s screen with your thumbprints!