Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is yet another entry in the ever-expanding catalogue of mobile MMORPGs, featuring much of the same tropes and elements as others, but with a few key differences here and there to give the game a unique flair. These nuances are the ones you will want to study and master in order to dominate in this game, especially when it comes to progressing at a steady pace, upgrading your character consistently, and preparing for the tougher challenges.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

With that being said, if you’re just starting out in this game, you can use the information we will share in this guide to begin on the right foot. Moreover, if you’re completely new to the genre, then this guide will definitely show you how to get started.

Choosing the Best Class

At the moment of launch, there are four classes from which to choose from in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge, all of which offer different skills and stats that allow them to fulfill various roles. Moreover, depending on the class you choose, your playstyle will vary greatly. In this sense, if you’re partial to a certain style of gameplay, your class choice may affect your enjoyment of this game.

Luckily, each class in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is distinct enough to offer a vastly different play style, so there’s really no confusion on which to choose, unless you’re not really partial to anything at all, in which case you really can’t go wrong with any of the classes. And speaking of which, the classes available in the game include the following:

  • Warrior: Beefy, sturdy, and armed with a sword and shield. This class is the quintessential “fighter” option available in most MMORPGs. The Warrior is quite easy to play and offers mostly balanced stats, with a play style that leans slightly more towards being defensive and tactical.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

Though they may have a shield as part of their arsenal, they can actually dish out decent damage. Their biggest drawback, in our opinion, is their simplicity. If you’re looking for a challenge, you won’t find it in the Warrior. However, if you’re looking for something simple to get started, then look no further than this class.

  • Ranger: This class is the antithesis of the Warrior above, featuring quick and agile movements, as well as a preference for ranged combat. Though the Ranger lacks the defensive parameters of the Warrior, she can technically stay safe at all times while keeping the pressure on the enemy, particularly since she specializes in dealing damage with her bow and arrows.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

The Ranger, however, has a significant weakness; she’s utterly vulnerable in melee combat. This weakness gives this class a bit of a learning curve as players will need to learn to kite while fighting in order to avoid getting overwhelmed.

  • Assassin: This class is one of the strongest in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge, at least when it comes to single-target burst damage. While the Ranger excelled at dealing damage from a distance, the Assassin is even stronger, with the caveat that he needs to close the distance before being able to do anything.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

Due to his play style, combining ridiculous amounts of damage with subpar defenses, the Assassin is arguably one of the toughest classes to play. However, once you get past that initial learning curve, it’s all smooth sailing.

  • Mage: An interesting option that gives players the chance to either go on the offensive with a variety of spells, or to support allies with heals and other abilities. Regardless of your play style, Mages are always a welcome addition to any group thanks to their versatility.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

Remember, choosing your class in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is more than just about deciding which skills to get, as it will also determine the fun you will have when attempting to complete the different content.

Use the Best Controls

Even if you choose the best class for you, you’d still be hindered by one important aspect; the controls. Playing Kingdom: The Blood Pledge on your phone leaves a lot to be desired not only in the graphics and performance departments, but also when it comes to the controls. Specifically, playing MMORPGs with touchscreen controls, while manageable, can make it tough to navigate some combat situations, especially in games like this one where you’re constantly fighting against multiple enemies at the same time.

However, you can play Kingdom: The Blood Pledge on PC with BlueStacks and enjoy this mobile MMORPG with the best controls that will allow you to easily dominate the field in every combat situation. This is because, instead of relying on clunky touchscreen controls with virtual buttons, you can play this game with mouse and keyboard support, with real physical buttons for increased precision, not to mention that you’ll actually get physical feedback every time you press a key, which will further enhance your precision.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

Our keyboard controls are completely customizable, so you can always modify them to suit your preferences, as well as add additional shortcuts in case you need to add more functionality to your control scheme. Check out our BlueStacks usage tool for Kingdom: The Blood Pledge if you want to learn more about this feature and how to use it.

Blazing Through the Story

Now that you’ve installed the game on PC and configured your controls, you’re ready to jump into the game itself. We won’t really get too much into the story as we never like spoiling it for those who might be interested. If you’re just starting out, however, you need to know that the story missions should be your main priority, as they not only give you good XP, but they also progressively unlock new features through the tutorial.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

If you’re beginning, make sure to work through these quests ASAP. Remember that you can click on their entry in the quest log on the upper left to have your character auto-run towards the quest objective. In some cases, you can also make them complete the quest automatically just by clicking on them.

Character Skills

Unlike in other mobile MMORPGs where skills unlock mostly automatically and place themselves in their respective shortcuts, you need to manually learn and assign skills in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge. This is important since skills in this game are very important and can give your characters a huge advantage in combat. Whether it’s doing damage, healing or buffing themselves, adding CC to their arsenal, or any other effects, skills are pivotal to the development of any character.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

You can learn most of your skills by using skill books. After learning a new skill, you can then browse to the “Skills” menu to check it out, and assign it to a skill bar. If you don’t set it, you won’t be able to use it manually in combat. However, in this menu, you can also configure the behavior of these skills when using auto-combat. You can adjust which skills get used when playing automatically, as well as the frequency. This is important since you can adjust your mana expenditure by tweaking the frequency in which your character uses their skills.

The Importance of Gear

Aside from your character’s skills, you can also equip them with different types of gear to customize their performance in combat. These pieces of equipment are vital since they can give significant stat boosts, and can also help to adjust your character to whatever role you want. 

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

Each character can equip different types of weapons, and your choice in any situation will affect their performance in combat. For instance, a Warrior with a Greatsword will deal more damage, but also take more damage than, say, a Warrior with a Sword and Shield. As a general rule of thumb, while your choice here will depend on your play style, you could keep an extra weapon or two on hand for the times when you need to adapt your approach to any challenge.

Character Stats

Another important particularity in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is that, every time your character levels up, you’ll get a few stat points to invest in any attribute that you want. This is vital for the development of your class since it gives you the chance to fine-tune your character for specific roles and purposes. In the same vein as the above example, if you’re playing as a Warrior, and want to optimize damage instead of survivability, you could invest heavily in STR over VIT and SPIR and use Greatswords as weapons. 

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge - Beginner’s Guide to Get a Good Start

This same principle applies to every other class in the game and lends itself to creating interesting class setups. Just remember to also adjust your gears and skills to achieve the desired outcome.

This is pretty much all you need to know before starting in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge. With these beginner’s tips, you can start progressing without missing a beat. Feel free to share your own beginner’s tricks in the comments below to help out your fellow gamers.