The 90s and 2000s were some of the most interesting decades for gaming; it was not only when the industry was recovering from the massive crash it had in the early ‘80s, but it was also when new and improved consoles started releasing, and with them, lots of new genres and next-gen games. Among some of these, the racing genre was one that benefited considerably, since these years saw the release and continuation of amazing franchises like Mario Kart, F-Zero X, and in the case of Sony’s PlayStation, the launch of the wipEout franchise.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for wipEout Rush

Now, it’s outside the scope of this guide to talk about the wipEout franchise as a whole, but if you’re new to it, it might be worth mentioning that the series spans ten different games, across over ten platforms, creating a massive niche and cult following in the process. This is why when the new wipEout Rush was announced for Android and iOS, audiences were roused and were quick to set expectations. And in this regard, whether or not the expectations were met is up to each person, considering that this new game is a departure from the original series, being more of a card game with idle mechanics, as well as with vehicle manager aspects to it, and less about actually racing anti-gravity cars across crazy circuits.

But we digress.

As mobile gamers ourselves, and while wipEout Rush might be quite different than what the average fan would expect, we see a lot of potential in this game, particularly due to its fantastic art style, with a storyline presented in 2D comic panels, and with casual gameplay that, at times, can get quite intense when it comes to actually watch your cars zoom and zip across the different tracks.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for wipEout Rush

With that being said, if you’re new to wipEout Rush, then this guide is definitely for you. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find a handful of useful tips and tricks for this game, so that you can start out on the right track, no pun intended.

Play on BlueStacks to Manage Multiple Garages at Once

Before getting into the racing gameplay itself, we need to talk about the managerial aspects of wipEout Rush. Specifically, the game revolves mostly around managing your own hangars and juggling a variety of cars that are always racing automatically to make you money. To this end, you must constantly spend money to purchase more vehicles, and then combine these cars with others of the same type and level, in order to create a superior model of a higher tier. 

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for wipEout Rush

This process of purchasing and combining makes up for the core gameplay loop at the beginning, especially since the better your vehicles are in your bay, the more resources you generate per second. However, by focusing on this, you’ll eventually run out of resources, and therefore won’t be able to continue purchasing and combining cars until a few hours have passed and your resources have replenished.

Luckily, by playing wipEout Rush on PC with BlueStacks, you can use the Instance Manager to create multiple instances of BlueStacks, and then use each of these individual iterations to access the game with several accounts at the same time. The result is that you can manage multiple vehicle garages simultaneously, giving you much more to do and more content to enjoy.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for wipEout Rush

Check out our BlueStacks PC installation guide for wipEout Rush if you want to learn more about how to set up this game on your computer.

Pay Attention to the Circuit Type Before Racing

Now to the gameplay itself. 

As we mentioned before, the racing in wipEout Rush is, for the most part, automatic. That is, you get to watch your vehicle zoom across the track without any input, and the only thing you can actually control is when to use your weapons. These weapons, in turn, are quite important, especially when you’re behind and can’t catch up, as a good hit will slow down your enemy and let you take the lead. However, the effectiveness of your weapon will depend on several factors:

First off, the type of weapon itself will affect its use: a missile weapon obviously functions differently than, say, mines, particularly since the former is meant to be fired at an enemy in front of you, while the latter is dropped behind you to affect those that are in the rear. Moreover, depending on the type of weapon, the targeting might differ considerably. Missiles, for example, have a specific amount of time needed to lock onto a target before you can fire. Mines, on the other hand, require you to be significantly distant from your enemy so that the devices can have time to arm, and your enemy has a chance to run over them and blow up.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for wipEout Rush

The distinction between the different types of weapons, however, is never more apparent than in the type of circuit you’re racing in. This is one of the most important elements to consider since, depending on the type of circuit, some weapons might thrive, while others might be utterly useless. For instance, a “Twisty” circuit might make it difficult to use missiles and machine guns, since the turns and bends will make it all but impossible to aim. Whereas a circuit with long straights might make it hard to use mines, particularly if you’re not able to take the lead.

Examining the type of circuit you’ll be racing in is pivotal for your success, and you should always select your weapons appropriately.

Combine Your Vehicles as Much as You Can

Like we mentioned above, wipEout Rush is more a managerial game than a racing title, and your success is mostly dependent on the quality of your vehicles in your hangar at any given moment. Depending on the number and type of ships, you will produce varying amounts of coins every second, with better and higher tier vehicles producing much more, not to mention that they’re usually better for any given race.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for wipEout Rush

Combining vehicles is quite easy; all you need to do is click and drag one of your vehicles and drop it on another one of the same type and level. The result will be a vehicle of a higher level with better stats, and that can produce more coins per second. The general idea is to repeat this process as much as you can, in order to maximize the level of the vehicles in your hangar, and progress much faster through the game’s races and levels.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for wipEout Rush

And as you continue leveling up and gaining experience, you’ll be able to purchase ships of higher tier from the very beginning, making it much easier to achieve higher levels. For instance, when you reach a certain level, you’ll be able to purchase level 2 ships directly, which will save lots of time when combined in the long run. Nevertheless, the general idea here is to combine as much as you can—there is literally nothing to lose and everything to gain from this.

Claim Your Daily Freebies From the Shop

In AFK games like wipEout Rush, your progress is basically a matter of time, as your ships generate most of what you need to beat races and upgrade your lineup of ships. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to speed up the process. For instance, on a daily basis, you’ll find a few free items that you can claim, and which will give you a boost on your progress. You can find one of these gifts in the Shop, which becomes available early on, in the form of a free Memory Stick that you can claim every day. 

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for wipEout Rush

Remember that you can use these Memory sticks in the 3D Printer Room, where you can use them to fabricate items, which take time to produce. Moreover, by keeping your printers always working, you ensure that you’re always fabricating rewards and other useful items.

Make Sure That Your Vehicles Have More of the HIGHLIGHTED Stats Than Your Rival’s

Despite looking like a racing game at first glance, wipEout Rush is more of an RPG, with your vehicles being driven automatically through the tracks, and the only variables that affect their actual performance are their stats. In this sense, to win races, it’s often enough that your vehicle’s stats are higher than that of your enemy’s, despite there being other variables like weapons. 

Regardless, when it comes to stats, you don’t necessarily have to be superior in every aspect; it’s frequently enough that your ship has more of the highlighted stats than your enemy. We believe these highlighted stats depend on the type of track. In this sense, vehicles with higher handling do better on tracks with lots of twists and turns; vehicles with higher speed fare better on tracks with lots of long straights, and vehicles with good thrust do well on tracks that have numerous but shorter straights, and so on.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for wipEout Rush

The game always does a good job of telling you which stat is best for the current track and opponent, and as long as your ship is better in that specific aspect, you’ll have a good chance of actually winning races.