X-Hero: Idle Avengers is one of the latest idle RPGs to grace the Play Store this month, offering lots of AFK gameplay goodness, tons of heroes to summon and upgrade, and challenging stages with tough bosses, all packed together with a unique comic book aesthetic. 

X-Hero: Idle Avengers - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

As an idle game with lots of automation, X-Hero is not a difficult game to learn at all. However, there are certain things you can keep in mind if you’re just starting out in order to expedite your progress. In this article, we’ll be talking about the best X-Hero tips and tricks to help you get started on the right foot.

Rush Through the Campaign Levels

This might be a no-brainer for most of you, considering that it’s the very first mode you unlock as soon as you start the game. However, progressing through the story missions in X-Hero is important for two main reasons. 

X-Hero: Idle Avengers - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Firstly, as you complete stages and level up your account, you’ll get access to additional game modes and features through which you’ll be able to farm better and unique rewards that you can’t get from the main mode. And secondly, as you progress through the levels in the main campaign, the rewards from AFK farming will continue to increase, giving you more resources as you complete stages. In this sense, it’s worth rushing through the stages, even if it means completing them with the lowest score, just to increase your AFK rewards, as this will allow you to upgrade your characters much faster.

And speaking of score… 

Try to Complete all the Stages With 3 Stars

Maximizing your AFK rewards and unlocking most of the features in the game comes down to simply completing stages by any means necessary. However, when it comes to scoring unique prizes, you might want to put some effort into completing all stages with 3 stars. 

X-Hero: Idle Avengers - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

While your star score at the end of every stage won’t directly affect the prizes, as you can receive all stage rewards simply by completing the level, you’ll need to farm a number of stars in order to unlock star chests, which contain some of the best drops you can get early on. Because of this, you should put extra effort into completing stages with 3 stars. And if this is too tough for you at first, you could simply complete the stage as best as you can, and come back to it later on to maximize your star score.

X-Hero: Idle Avengers - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Keep in mind that, in order to get 3 stars in any stage, you must complete it without a single death in your team.

Consider the Faction Bonuses When Building Your Team

When it comes to building your team, there are usually countless meta formations and other optimized strategies that you could follow in order to get the best results. However, since the game is quite new, it’s very likely that its meta will be constantly changing and evolving before settling on the best formations. If you don’t want to wait until others invent good strategies, you can come up with your own personal meta by considering one important factor: Faction bonuses.

Whenever you’re building a new formation, something you should always consider is your characters’ faction bonuses. Specifically, whenever you use multiple characters of the same faction, your entire team will start to gain stacking buffs that can increase their stats and performance significantly. 

X-Hero: Idle Avengers - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

The faction bonuses currently in the game are the following:

  • 3 Characters of the same faction: +10% HP, +5% ATK
  • 4 Characters of the same faction: +15% HP, +10% ATK
  • 4 Characters of the same faction, and 2 other characters of the same faction: +15% HP, +15% ATK
  • 5 Characters of the same faction: +20% HP, +20% ATK
  • 6 Characters of the same faction: +25% HP, +25% ATK
  • Universe Faction: This faction is unique and doesn’t stack in the same manner. However, having various characters of this faction in your team will trigger different bonuses:
    • 1 Character: +25% Armor
    • 2 Characters: +20% Broken armor
    • 3 Characters: +15% Critical
    • 4 Characters: +15% Damage immunity
    • 6 Characters: +10% Speed

Complete the 7-Day Challenges and Daily Quests

Powering through the campaign missions is a great way to score resources early on. However, as you make your way through the game, you’ll need to acquire different, rarer materials in order to continue upgrading your characters. Luckily, one of the best ways to score some of these prizes is by completing your daily quests, as these missions are designed to always give good rewards for your current level.

X-Hero: Idle Avengers - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Furthermore, if you’re just starting out in X-Hero, the 7-day Carnival will be, without a doubt, the best source of materials and currency in the game. In this sense, whenever you’re not fighting in the main campaign, your priority will always be in completing the tasks in the 7-day Carnival. Just remember to pick up your rewards whenever you finish a mission.

Summon as Much as You Can and Upgrade Your Characters Whenever Possible

While summoning in X-Hero is a great way to bolster your roster, as well as to possibly score some of the best champions in the game, summoning is important because the only way to awaken your existing heroes is by using duplicates cards in the Lab of Awakening. Depending on the quality of the hero you’re looking to awaken, you will need at least 1 duplicate, and 2 heroes of the same quality.

X-Hero: Idle Avengers - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

As you upgrade the stats of a hero through awakening, you’ll need increasingly more duplicates and other fodder characters to achieve greater heights. In this sense, you should ALWAYS be summoning more characters—you simply can’t have enough of them in this game.

And that’s it for our X-Hero tips and tricks. Do you have any other useful pointers that you’d like to share with the community? Feel free to do so in the section below!