Raising your combat power can be the most complicated task in Xeno: Summoner, especially if you have no idea what factors come into play when you’re trying to increase this value. Maximizing your CP is probably the most important task that you need to do because it allows you to do more difficult content in the game and challenge more powerful players in the PvP arena. This guide aims to help introduce players to the core factors that affect their combat power.

How to Raise Combat Power in Xeno: Summoner

There are two types of combat power in the game: overall power and team power. Overall power is pretty irrelevant since there’s no real application for this. Team power is what’s usually calculated in both PvE and PvP because this assumes how successful players can defeat an opponent. Having low combat power is a problem that many beginners face, but you shouldn’t be discouraged because the game is designed so that players will have to work extra hard just to increase it to a standard value.

Leveling Up

Leveling up is the simplest and most obvious way to raise your combat power, but many Xeno: Summoner players may not know the proper way to do so. The game suffers from poor translations which is why the interface doesn’t really show every detail of the game properly. Players may think that the only way to level up their heroes is to defeat enemies on the map exploration, but there’s actually a faster approach that allows players to quickly max out their heroes’ levels.

How to Raise Combat Power in Xeno: Summoner

Going to the heroes tab and clicking on a character portrait will redirect you to the upgrade options. Here you can level up your character by clicking on the “Upgrade” button where you can spend experience books to level up one character at a time. You can get experience books as rewards from completing map explorations or by completing various quests and events. We suggest that you always spend your experience books to max out your best heroes to get the highest value combat power.

Star Upgrade

Upgrading the star level of your heroes is another big contributor to increasing your combat power in Xeno: Summoner. This method is done by infusing your heroes with shards that belong to the hero you’re trying to upgrade. You can get hero fragments the same way you can get regular heroes, by summoning them in the Tavern. Every time a hero’s star is upgraded, they increase their base stats and their stat growth, so it’s a good idea to try maxing out your star level to 5-stars.

How to Raise Combat Power in Xeno: Summoner

The problem with raising your star level is that it can take a long time for players to get this, especially if they’re trying to raise an SSR hero or up. Luckily, the game gives out a lot of free gems and tickets that allow players to summon regularly, unlike other gacha games that would take weeks of farming to even get a single set of pulls. This may take a longer time to do compared to other methods on this list but players shouldn’t be discouraged since it’s worth the grind.

Gearing Your Heroes

Gearing your heroes is basic knowledge in terms of powering up a character in any RPG. Again, because of the mistranslation of some parts in the game, you may wonder about the exact details that you’ll need to properly upgrade your heroes. The game doesn’t really show how the gearing system works, especially since there are so many items to choose from but no way to tell which gear is for what type of hero. Players may need a little in-depth reading for each item and hero to understand the difference in these items.

How to Raise Combat Power in Xeno: Summoner

Each item is practically the same, but every time you craft a specific item, the value that you get from crafting is different based on chance. Some items that you craft despite being the same as other items may have higher or lower values. For dedicated players, it’s recommended that you continuously craft the items that you can until you find one that’s as close to the maximum value that’s recommended for that hero as possible. It may take a while for you to achieve this as well.

Hero Rarity

Hero rarity is probably the biggest factor that comes into play when increasing your combat power in Xeno: Summoner. Since higher rarity heroes simply have higher base stats and stronger abilities, it makes sense that their combat power per level will be way above that of the lower tier. While this does pose the argument that the game might be P2W, it’s also important to consider that the game is extremely generous and offers players easy ways to get SSR units in their team.

How to Raise Combat Power in Xeno: Summoner

The ultimate goal is to have a team filled with SSR units, including the backup units. However, you can be content with having SR units during the early stages of the game especially if you’re a F2P user that doesn’t like to spend. As you already know, there are other ways to raise your combat power without needing to shell out some cash. However, players shouldn’t settle for R units because their base stats are way below the acceptable threshold for relevance.

Racial Synergy

In our Teambuilding Guide, we talked about Racial Synergy as a core factor in creating the perfect squad. If you haven’t read up on that guide yet, we suggest that you click on the link to see how you should properly mix and match heroes. Having units from the same race and faction will give you a synergy bonus that increases your base stats. This directly affects your combat power as well so it’s a good idea to apply this tip when it comes to raising your combat power. 

How to Raise Combat Power in Xeno: Summoner

You should always aim towards having at least 3 units of the same racial type on your team to get the minimum bonus. If you can build a mono-type team, it’ll make your team stronger but will make you more susceptible to getting countered by another player who can simply build a team that has the racial type advantage over yours. Be careful on how you want to apply this tip in your games.