Xeno: Summoner has its intricacies, especially since the game’s globalization has had its challenges for aspiring players. Luckily, it’s been a while since its initial release, and players have finally understood all the different parts of the game that players need to understand. In this case, we’ve prepared some of the best tips and tricks that we’ve gathered to help players get a better feel for how to play this game. Take a look at these tips to get the best possible start in this game.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Xeno: Summoner

To get the most out of playing this game, it’s a good idea to learn some in-depth mechanics that make it so you’ll collect all of the rewards that you can get from the game. Xeno: Summoner has many ways to reward a player’s efforts when they are dedicated to putting in a lot of time and hard work into it. Here are some tips and tricks that you’ll need to learn when you’re trying to play Xeno: Summoner as a beginner who’s looking to climb the upper ranks of the leaderboards.

Complete All Difficulties

The first tip on our list is for players to try completing Map Exploration on all difficulties. This can be done by completing each stage until you unlock the following level, starting from Ordinary, Difficult, and Nightmare. The rewards from the idle Trophies increase in quality as the player completes each stage successfully. That’s why we recommend that players complete all difficulties to get better materials that they can use to craft equipment in the workshop.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Xeno: Summoner

Players can only unlock new maps when their account levels up, shown by the star level. However, we highly suggest that they unlock all the difficulties first. Another advantage of doing this is that players will gain more passive gold and experience from the idle exploration. We suggest increasing your team’s strength every time you attempt a new difficulty, which you can learn about by reading up on our Combat Power Guide. It’s beneficial for all parts of the game.

Finishing Daily Quests

Finishing daily quests is something that is required in almost every mobile game for players to stay ahead of the competition. Players can check their daily quests by going on the Home tab and clicking on Tasks to reveal their missions. While it’s recommended that you do all of the quests, the daily tasks are the only ones with a short deadline, so we highly suggest that you do those first since you can always complete the other tasks while working on them indirectly.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Xeno: Summoner

When a player completes all of their daily tasks, they get a bonus reward that includes gems, and a silver summon ticket, which are both useful to give you an easier time getting units on your team. This essentially means that players get enough resources to get around 13 summon chances every ten days if they complete all of their daily tasks. This doesn’t include the tickets and gems you get from completing other tasks or receiving rewards from events and other game content.

Raising Hero Friendship

One feature that players don’t consider is the Friendship Level with a specific hero. Friendship Level is an essential factor in raising your hero’s strength because every level increases the base stats of a unit by a small amount. A player can raise their heroes’ friendship levels by giving them gifts acquired by completing map explorations or receiving them as a reward from tasks and events. You can also purchase these gifts at the shop for a certain amount of gold.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Xeno: Summoner

It’s challenging raising your hero’s friendship, so you can expect that you’ll be raising one hero’s level for a long time. It’s a good idea to commit to one hero when raising friendship. Choose an SSR hero that you probably see being part of your team for the long term. Raising a lower-tier hero’s friendship isn’t the best idea because you always run the risk of replacing that hero later on. Unlike levels, you can’t refund your resources, so if you don’t think you have a hero worthy of gifts, you might as well keep it for now.

Raising Animals

Animal raising is a weird part of playing Xeno: Summoner, but players need to understand that it’s a very important part of the game. You can check out animal raising by going to the Floating Castle and going on the Ranch. Different animals can be raised here, with each type giving out a different resource that you can use to craft equipment. Some resources that you can find here can only be exclusively acquired by raising animals, so it a good to start farming as soon as possible.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Xeno: Summoner

The Ranch itself has a structure level, which is required to raise higher-level animals. Players can also unlock new ranch slots to raise more animals. If you run out of animals that you can place on the ranch, remember that you can always purchase more using gold. Each animal requires a certain amount of time before they mature and reward you with resources, so try to do this as early and often as possible.

Joining a Guild

Joining a guild is a highly recommended move for players looking to play seriously in the game. Guilds are a mechanic that allows players to work together and help each other complete additional co-op content that they can enter to get additional rewards. It’s recommended that players try to get into a good guild when they’re confident that they’re at a high enough level to get the attention of higher-ranked guilds.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Xeno: Summoner

Players should never settle for low-ranked guilds because those usually are inactive or don’t have members that actively participate in guild content. That’s why we recommended that you raise your level and combat power first so that the guilds with very high entry requirements will let you in. Even if they look strict, that’s a good thing because it means they have higher standards for who gets into the guilds, which are filled with players who are usually committed to the game.