The gaming industry as a whole, grew at an infinitely greater pace than expected during the 2020 lockdown phase. However, if there was one game that converted everyone into ‘a gamer’, it has to be Among Us.

The 2018 cult hit developed by InnerSloth eclipsed others with aplomb, boasting almost 300 million concurrent users, at times. But, as is always the case, the climb is often termed ‘the easy part’ and the focus in 2021 for Among Us will shift towards maintaining the growth they experienced while managing to keep the users entertained.

Victoria Tran, the community director at Innersloth, was part of a recent CNET CES 2021 panel titled ‘COVID made us all gamers: What happens next?’ and she made some intriguing revelations that will surely get enthusiasts excited about what they are likely to be privy to in the current year.

Asked how Among Us will be looking to retain its humongous user base the game has managed to establish, Victoria Tran said, “We’re going to be doing the typical things that games do. The new map — we’re working on that right now — there’ll be new tasks … we’re hoping to build a friend system so you can create that social network within the community. We have some secrets in the works that I, unfortunately, cannot talk about”.

InnerSloth Community Director Teases Upcoming Among Us Features in 2021

For users unaware, Among Us has already revealed AirShip as their new map and is scheduled for an early-2021 release. Certain areas and tasks have already been shown by Among Us through their Twitter handle, with AirShip also set to eclipse Polus to become the biggest map in the Among Us map pool.

Talking about new tasks, the community has been looking forward to, if not crying out loud, for the same. While the community-developed Among Us variants and mods allow users to have unique experiences from time to time, the tasks have become too repetitive; in turn, making the classic game monotonous, to an extent. 

For example, Among Us teased the introduction of a moving platform as part of a series of AirShip reveals on Twitter recently. While it is a simple addition, it does introduce a tinge of new flavour into the proceedings, with the community likely to have a similar love-and-hate relationship with the platform when compared to the ‘Swipe Card’ task.

Apart from the other ‘secrets’ Tran said she could not reveal, the InnerSloth Community director iterated their desire to introduce a friend system within the game, which will further aid in building the Among Us community.

As at the present moment, the gamers have to rely on third-party applications to engage in communication with friends and the addition of the aforementioned feature would go a long way in legitimizing the word ‘community’ within the confines of the game.

To sum it up, Tran provided us 3 revelations of what you can expect in Among Us on PC in 2021. Which of the 3 are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below.