There were many games that mellowed the disaster that was 2020. However, none managed to capture the imagination of the users, appeal to the masses and stay relevant long enough to become a cult hit like Among Us.

The multiplayer’s gameplay appealed to the casual gamers and the general public as well, which, combined with its cross-platform feature, ensured its rise in the Gaming industry. However, what maintained its popularity was the variants and mods that were incubated and developed in due course by the users and third parties.

Enlisted below, are a few of them that every Among Us enthusiast must try in 2021 if they somehow never played these variants and/or mods in the year gone by. 

1. The Dead-by-Daylight Alternative

This is a simple variant and doesn’t warrant installation of any third-party mod or software. There can only be one impostor, killer in this case, in the aforementioned variant. In this mode, the crewmates are aware of who the killer is and have to complete short tasks, preferably 4/5, all while being chased. The kill cooldown is really fast and allows a high tempo game, with frenzy on the server. 

Five Among Us Mods and Variants You Should Try in 2021

The crewmates and the killer can talk between themselves and to each other as well, thus elevating the tension. Players can choose to play it in a hide-and-seek way, with vision absolutely restricted for the crewmates or keep the normal vision settings. The game ends when the killer eliminates everyone or the crewmates complete their tasks.

Who wouldn’t love being Michael Myers, especially when you can equip the ill-famed mask on your character in the loadout?

2. The Proximity Chat Mod

This mod elevated the experience of Among Us to a new level. If one had to name a feature that is missing in Among Us, everyone would point towards the presence of an in-game voice chat. However, that would complicate things as users might not be able to control who hears what.

Up step Ottomated with the Proximity Chat mod that allows users to talk to fellow lobby mates within their range. Hilarity ensues and confusion reigns supreme as the proximity chat allows for the impostors to trick crewmates and for crewmates to troll others simultaneously. 

The positive thing about Proximity Chat is that it eliminates the use of Discord, TeamSpeak or other applications for the voice chat while ensuring only players in close proximity to you can hear your voice.

The mod has been played by all popular youtubers, streamers, influencers and content creators. It is a unique experience that surely acts as the Chemical X in the successful mixture that is Among Us.

3. The Zombie Mod

A fun mod that has no specific goal at the end of it but allows players to have a good time on the server. In this game mod, the game starts with a single zombie and crewmates, with the former having the ability to convert crewmates into zombies by walking through them. 

Five Among Us Mods and Variants You Should Try in 2021

Once converted, the crewmate is turned and the game goes on until either everyone is infected or the remaining crewmates complete their tasks. It can be chalked down as a hide and seek mode, with the crewmates having even lesser odds of emerging victorious. 

The Zombie Mod was showcased by several top YouTubers, streamers and more but had a short lifespan as it does get monotonous after a while.

4. The Small Talk Variant

There are always some players in your lobby that love hogging the discussion and voting time. It does appear, at times, that some users might have to have a talking restriction to allow the game to be run smoothly and not make it frustrating for everyone involved. 

The Small Talk Variant ensures exactly that but with the added texture of creativity. In this variant, all players are only allowed to say a maximum of three words in each meeting. The variant opens up room for creativity to shine, with players tasked with doling out information and finding the impostor(s) with the aforementioned limitation.

The Small Talk variant is an easy way to ensure peace of mind while also enhancing the Among Us experience.

5. Hide and Seek

We talked about Hide and Seek in the other aforementioned variants and mods. However, this remains the best variant of the classic format in Among Us. In this scenario, there is only 1 impostor, notwithstanding the strength of the lobby. The impostor is only allowed to sabotage comms and nothing else.

When the game starts, the impostor will announce himself to the crewmates and give them a head start, preferably of 10 seconds to run and/or hide. Afterwards, the crewmates will have to complete a few tasks ranging between 3-5 while remaining vigilant of the impostor out to hunt them down. The bodies are not allowed to be reported and emergency meetings cannot be called. The game ends when the impostor kills everyone or the crewmates complete their tasks. 

Five Among Us Mods and Variants You Should Try in 2021

This variant allowed players to have a fun time, especially when bored of playing the intense classic version. It eliminates the room for lies and deceit, converting the lobby into a hunt and a game of survival to an extent.

Tell us which mod or variant is your favourite one to play in Among Us in the comments below.