A new game mode titled ‘Hadum Boss Rush‘ is now available for all the adventurers to take part in Black Desert Mobile. Now, adventurers can go for raids with all their might and have a fantastic opportunity of earning valuable in-game rewards and items. Let’s talk in-depth about this new game mode. 

Hadum Boss Rush Mode

In this mode, adventurers have to defeat bosses they already face during the Boss Rushes in Elion’s Realm. However, slaying the bosses in this new game mode will be more challenging and will require more effort from the adventurers’ side. Interestingly, on killing the bosses, adventurers can drop special items such as Primal Gear, Inscribed Glyphs, and more.

How to enter Hadum Boss Rush Mode?

Well, adventurers need to complete the Red Nose’s Boss Rush quest at difficulty 99 in Elion’s Realm. Then they can enter the Hadum Boss Rush Mode with 1 Shadow Knot and 100 Boss Stamps. Bosses in this mode have a time limit of three minutes so, you better be quick in killing the bosses in this game mode. 

Changes to Black Sun event

Now, Black Sun event will be available between Wednesdays and Sundays from 6 pm to 7 pm, and 9 pm to 10 pm as per server’s default time. Moreover, if adventurers participate twice in this event on the same day, their scores will be added together. In case you don’t know, your scores will determine the rewards you’ll be getting on the next day. In this event, participants can obtain Grails of Gloom that can be exchanged for items like Mystical Black Sun Gems and Dark Coins. So, start participating in the event if you want to win such rewards! 

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