Call of Duty: Mobile – Details About the Upcoming Grand Battle 2021 Event

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Garena recently announced The Grand Battle 2021 for all the Call of Duty: Mobile players in Thailand. As per Garena, the top two teams from this tournament will be representing Thailand in Garena Invitational 2021. Let’s jump straight into the details about the upcoming Grand Battle and Garena Invitational 2021.

About CoDM Garena Invitational 2021

It is an international event that will feature the top teams from the South-East Asian regions like Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It is scheduled for later this year.

Last year’s Garena Invitational was supposed to take place between March 31 and April 5 in Bangkok, Thailand, and had a whopping prize pool of $65,000. However, due to COVID-19, the event was canceled.

Details about the CoD Mobile Grand Battle 2021

All the CoD Mobile players from Thailand can register for The Grand Battle 2021 until January 8. The teams that sign up for the event have to compete in qualifying rounds. From here, the top eight teams will qualify for the group stage. However, only six teams will be there in the LAN event, and from there, only the top two teams will get the ticket to the CoDM Garena Invitational 2021. 


The event will progress in three modes:

  1. Hardpoint – 150 points/300 seconds
  2. Search and Destroy – Six Wins/120 seconds
  3. Domination – 150 points/ 600 seconds

The players will play in the following in-game maps in The Grand Battle 2021 are:

  • Crash
  • Crossfire
  • Firing Range
  • Meltdown
  • Summit
  • Standoff

Qualifying Round

  • Single-elimination best-of-three format. 
  • After a team registers successfully, they have to play the qualifiers between January 11 and January 21. 
  • From here, the top eight teams will move to the group stage!

Group Stage

  • The group stage will take place from January 25 to February 5 and will be live-streamed. (on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch)
  • It will feature a round-robin format, and the eight teams will compete against each other.
  • All matches will be best-of-three.
  • From here, the top six teams will qualify for the LAN finals.

Offline (LAN) Finals

  • The finals will take place offline (LAN) on February 13’ 2021. (exact venue yet to be decided)
  • It will feature a double-elimination bracket with six teams competing. 
  • The top two teams will represent Thailand in Garena Invitational 2021 later this year.

Prize Pool

Apart from securing two tickets to the Garena Invitational 2021, the CoDM Grand Battle will also reward players with CoD Points, also termed as CP.

  1. First Place – 40,000 CP
  2. Second Place – 20,000 CP
  3. Third Place – 15,000 CP
  4. Fourth Place – 10,000 CP
  5. Fifth Place – 6,000 CP
  6. Sixth Place – 4,000 CP
  7. Seventh Place – 3,000 CP
  8. Eight Place – 2,000 CP

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