Season 12 in Call of Duty Mobile introduced the ‘Hackney Yard map with night mode. This time around, a new ‘Nuketown Russia’ map will be making its way to CODM in Season 13, which starts from 20 December at 6 pm CT. In case you don’t know, the Nuketown Russia map is originally from Black Ops 4. 

Nuketown Russia in COD Mobile will be no different from the original map from the first Black Ops game. The buses and other structures’ design are entirely different, and the map is covered with snow. If you’re good with the classic Nuketown map then, you will not find any difficulty whatsoever when playing on the map when it arrives in Season 13. CoD:M even has a page dedicated to Nuketown Russia covering all the details.

Activision – Best Loadout for the Map

  1. Primary Weapon: Cordite.
  2. Secondary Weapon: FHJ-18.
  3. Attachments: MIP Laser 5mW, Red Dot Sight 1, Merc Foregrip, the Strippled Grip Tape, and YKM Light Stock.
  4. Perks: Amped, Dead Silence, and Flak Jacket.
  5. Equipment: Molotov Cocktail and Smoke Grenade.

Call of Duty Mobile: ‘Nuketown Russia’ Map is Coming in Season 13

Apart from the Nuketown Russia map, other in-game content such as new weapons, operator skill, tactical equipment, modes, vehicle, and more will be coming to the game in Season 13. Moreover, Call of Duty: Mobile is going to launch in the Chinese mainland on 25 December. You can read more about the Chinese CODM version here.