It is tough to overlook the notoriety that Among Us managed to gain in 2020 and by the looks of it, the game is managing to maintain its stature so far in 2021. Hence, it is normal to expect several Among Us inspired games to hit the markets in the coming weeks or months. 

Cat Colony Crisis the latest Among Us inspired game set for February release

Cat Colony Crisis is one such game. Although, the Among Us inspired feline fever simulator has been in the works since the advent of coronavirus pandemic or CoVid-19, as the global phenomenon is commonly called. In a collaborative indie effort between the likes of IndieCade, Seattle Indies and LabX as part of the ‘Jamming the Curve’ initiative to promote hygiene and safety through the medium of games, Devil’s Cider Games seem to have a hit on their hands, especially with the success they tasted at the event, winning the 20,000 USD game development grant.

The developers themselves describe it as an ‘Among Us meets Pusheen’ initiative and the Indie developers have been elated with the response the game has received thus far.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the success of Cat Colony Crisis during the Jamming the Curve Event. The development grant is a huge boon for an Indie developer and we’re excited to get our game into the hands of players and provide something cute, fun, but appropriate for these times of crisis.”, said Paul Boyko, game programmer at Devil’s Cider Games.

Cat Colony Crisis the latest Among Us inspired game set for February release

Like the name suggests, the trailer shows a colony of cats on board of a spaceship that is in crisis after the outbreak of a mysterious virus. The users have to perform several tasks in order to curb and stop the spread of the virus before it manages to extinguish the entire Cat Colony. In the game demo shown by LabX, users can toggle and choose the metrics of the game to suit their comfort. There is a wide range of metrics, with users able to choose infection rate, cats infected at the start, colony population, and the maximum pre-existing conditions. 

Founder and CEO of IndieCade, Stephanie Barish is also bullish about Cat Colony Crisis and its potential impact. She said, “The release of Cat Colony Crisis is thrilling for all of us. Cat Colony Crisis feels like the perfect culmination of nine months of planning Jamming the Curve – all our collaboration with experts, mentors, game designers, scientists, health specialists, and educators from across the nation. Our dream was that the game jam would make a real impact during this global pandemic, and the Devil’s Cider Games team seems en-route to realizing this dream.”

Cat Colony Crisis the latest Among Us inspired game set for February release

As one clip in the trailer from Devil’s Cider Games shows, the developers will hope to ‘mewow’ the audience and the users with the gameplay upon its release in February 2021. The game also reserves significance due to the social message attempted to be imparted as part of the gameplay. Cat Colony Crisis will be released on all platforms worldwide on the 9th of February, although it is a single player, at least upon its release, unlike Among Us.