Chromatic Souls AFK Raid: Download The Latest Blockchain-Based Mobile RPG

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The South Korean video game developer Com2uS Studios has recently announced the launch of their latest blockchain-based mobile RPG called Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid. The game is free-to-play and is available for download globally on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Like most blockchain games, Chromatic Souls AFK Raid features tokens and NFTs earned through normal gameplay. However, before diving into that, let us first check out the game details, shall we? 

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid: Download The Latest Blockchain-Based Mobile RPG

Game Story, Mechanics, And Game Modes

In the world of Chromatic Souls, monsters have plunged the once beautiful city of Rohan into chaos and rune. As the battle continued, a few brave heroes managed to defeat the enemy forces and bring peace to the Kingdom. However, the threat of monsters still lingers, promoting the Kingdom of Rohan to form an Adventure Alliance.

You, as players, take on the role of Adventures to defeat these horrifying monsters and ultimately slay the Chromatic Dragon. 

In Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid, players set out in a party of 4, each of a different class. Speaking of which, there are 4 classes in the game: the Knight, Mage, Rogue, and Druid. Additionally, each character in the game has the option to equip 6 types of gear; one for the head, chest, back, feet, hands, and finally, the weapon. 

There are two primary resources in the game apart from the token, one is Mythril used for crafting gear or buying items in the shop, and the other is Soul Stone, used for crafting SSR gear. The Soul Stone can be traded for the C2X token, while Mithril can be traded for the CST token. 

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid: Game Modes

As of now, there are 4 play modes, with 2 more coming in future updates.

  • The Adventure Mode consists of Boss Battles and Idle mode beats for beginners and exploration.
  • The Dungeon Play mode features Ancient Fortress, U Labyrinth, Chapter Dungeons, and Mithril Mine, each offering different rewards, bosses, and challenges for you to overcome. 
  • The Leaderboard is a mix of Adventurer League and Ranking, the highest-ranking party at the end of a season, gets 1000000 Soul Stones which is 250000 each.
  • Then we have the Party Play; it simply refers to the 4 player party. Each party will consist of a Tank, 2 Dealers, and a Healer, and if you are playing solo, NPCs will fill the roles.

As for future updates, we have the World Boss Battle, which will be released in Q3 2022, and PvP Battles in Q4 of 2022.

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid: Download The Latest Blockchain-Based Mobile RPG

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid: Blockchain & Tokens

As of now, Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid features two tokens, C2X and CST.  The CST tokens are unique to Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid, while C2X is part of a larger blockchain ecosystem. The combination of the two tokens, along with the player gear, can be used to mint NFTs. Here are the two ways to mint NFTs; 

  • Mint 1 : Lv. 10 [SSR+] Gear x2 + C2X + CST
  • Mint 2 : NFT Gear x2 + C2X + CST

Now all of these transactions, exchanges, and minting are done on C2X Station. In addition, players can also buy NFTs on the C2X Marketplace and then transfer them to the game for use. The C2X Station is a blockchain gaming platform backed by crypto exchanges such as FTX, Huobi Global, and 

That’s all for today about the release of Chromatic Souls AFK Raid; you can check out more info on the game here on their official website and YouTube channel.

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