Critical Force struck gold back in November 2018 when they released the first full version of their Critical Ops game. This is not the first online multiplayer game on the internet, but they have since blasted to more than 80 million global installs since that launch.

Those numbers account for downloads across all the platforms which this game had debuted on.

No matter how we look at those figures, they are very impressive and interesting. The game has also been pegged to host no less than 700,000 daily users on the average,

It seems that the numbers are about to get better for Critical Force, though, considering the new release that they have on the way: Critical Ops Reloaded.

Is Critical Ops: Reloaded the first mobile version?

The game has long been available on mobile, but not everyone had access to this current version. The Critical Ops: Reloaded title is a South Korean exclusive which has been in the region for some time now. The rest of the world has a global version which, honestly, is not at the level of the exclusive option.

‘Critical Ops: Reloaded’ Is Finally Coming to Android Devices Globally

When this launch goes according to plan, everyone will have access to the exclusive version globally.

When to expect Critical Ops: Reloaded?

Currently, you can pre-register to get the game on iOS and Android when it launches on August 8, 2020. A teaser trailer for the global version also ends with scenes of a bomb that is set to explode at 8:30. This lends more credence to the fact that we get the game on the stipulated date.

‘Critical Ops: Reloaded’ Is Finally Coming to Android Devices Globally

There are speculations to suggest that the game might not be out for everyone on the said date too. Critical Force might want to run a closed beta for the title first to be sure that the game is ready for a general rollout. That could be because the game used to be hosted on only Asian serves and we are soon going to see a movement to globally-held servers instead.

To be on the safer side, we recommend going to pre-register for the game too. If there were a beta option at all, you would be in the running for those players that would get considered here. In the case of no beta, being a pre-registered player takes nothing away from you.

How much will Critical Ops: Reloaded cost?

‘Critical Ops: Reloaded’ Is Finally Coming to Android Devices Globally

For a game that has gained this much popularity and acclaim, we are excited that Critical Ops: Reloaded is still free to play title. The game comes with in-app purchases, though, but those are merely cosmetic too. You can choose to get them or not as they would not greatly impact your gameplay.

What to expect in Critical Ops: Reloaded?

Of course, there had been a mobile version of the game, as we mentioned above. Now that a new global title is coming, there are some things that you have to look forward to. Making a quick rundown of these things, we cannot say that we are not impressed.

We will let you be the judge of that, though. Here are some of the things that you should also look forward to:

‘Critical Ops: Reloaded’ Is Finally Coming to Android Devices Globally

  1. Maps and Missions: the currently available global version allows you to play in 13 different maps. The reloaded version comes with more maps than that. With more maps comes more missions, so be on the lookout for those too. We will surely be seeing a lot of new videos showing off these maps and adaptation to the new missions too.
  2. Game Modes: there are online multiplayer modes with the current global version, but they are limited to three. The South Korean version has always featured a special ‘Dominion’ mode which every other player will now have access to also.
  3. Gun physics: Critical Ops is known for its fair share of gunplay, but nothing to put the game over the top. The developers and game publisher will change that in the new title. Most of the gunplay was done with the ADS mode with little to no recoil. You will have to control all aspects of the gunfights now, down to the recoil of the weapon. That will make gameplay more challenging, but also with a realistic angle to it.
  4. Voice chat: for an online multiplayer game that has millions of players globally, we don’t know why voice chat was left out for so long. Allow us to break the good news to you about how voice will be put on the new global version.
  5. Better UI: this is almost self-explanatory. After all, it would not be an upgrade if it does not have improved UI and a better gameplay model to it.

Final Words

All we can do right now is wait. We can also hope for more teasers from the official Critical Force communication channels to keep us excited for the launch. We have more than a month to go right now, but that gap is being cut considerably with every passing day.