Free Fire Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary With Like Mike And Dimitri Vegas

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Garena Free Fire is one of the most successful battle royale games in recent history, with over 300 million active players each month. The game first came to the public through its beta testing phase four years back in August 2017; since then, each year, the developers have done something special like exclusive events, redeem codes, rewards, and giveaways to celebrate their anniversary.

For the 4th anniversary event this month, Free Fire plans to bring out two new characters based on the famous DJ duo Like Mike And Dimitri Vegas; they are the 2nd ranked duo on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list. These names might sound especially familiar to Free Fire fans as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were the ones who brought us the adrenaline-pumping Free Fire Rampage campaign song.

Upcoming Characters And Their Skills

  • The new Dimitri character has the Healing Heartbeat skill that can create a healing zone of 3.5m around the players with a 3HP/s recovery rate, allowing nearby players to heal themselves.
  • Thiva has the Vital Vibes skill, which reduces the time needed to help a teammate get up.
  • Alvaro’s skill is the Art of Demolition; it Increases explosive damage from grenades.
  • With Shani, players can increase their armor durability after each kill using the Gear Recycle skill.
  • Luqueta features the Hat Trick skill, allowing players to increase their max HP after each kill.
  • And finally, Jota, with the Sustained Raids skill, has the ability to recover HP through hitting and knocking down enemies with a gun.

Apart from these characters, there is a mention of a new companion pet in the OB29 patch notes called Sensei Tig (Nimble Ninja Skill).

Weapon And Attachments

The AC80 is the latest addition to the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles) category of weapons found in Free Fire. DMRs are pretty popular among the players because they offer a good balance between damage, mobility, and range, especially in mid to long-range combat situations. 

Free Fire Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary With Like Mike And Dimitri Vegas

DMRs offer a better chance of getting headshots, not to mention they are a good compromise between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle.  

The most popular DMRs in Free Fire right now are the Woodpecker, SKS, M14 Rage Core, SVD, and M14, to name a few. As per the patch notes, the AC80 sports armor-piercing rounds are capable of taking out a heavily armored target with a single shot. As a bonus, the AC80 deals extra damage the second time when the target is hit.

Here are the stats of the AC80 marksmen rifle:

  • Damage: 50
  • Rate of Fire: 0.45
  • Magazine Size: 10
  • Attachments: Grip, Stock & Muzzle 
  • Piercing Rounds

Now with the AC80 in the mix, there might be a change in the DMR pecking order for players to choose from. 

Four New Attachments & A New Decoy Grenade 

  • The M4 chip can be used to upgrade the M4A1 into its X, Y, or Z version.
  • The AR Magazine increases the mag size by 15% and also offers a slight increase in the fire rate. 
  • The SMG Muzzle offers a plus one increase in minimum damage and range with 1.2x damage every third shot.
  • The Shotgun Muzzle offers an additional bullet in its shells when fired. 

The new decoy grenades will distract the enemies with noise and can be seen on the minimap when triggered, making them a bit more practical than before. Apart from these, there are also new events such as the Faded Wheel Event offering the Destiny Guardian Evo XM8 skin as its top prize among other rewards and the Top-Up Event offering the Turbo Ace Skyboard(ends on August 10).

With all the new content, players will undoubtedly flock to collect the rewards and free items offered through events and redeem codes. Download and play free fire game on your PC with BlueStacks.

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