Today, Garena Free Fire unveiled details about the first elite pass of 2021 titled ‘Specter Squad.’ Free Fire India Official uploaded a video on their YouTube channel that showcases spooky ghosts, some of which have turned evil.

In case you’re wondering, the Elite Pass will solely focus on two members of this faction, Enid and Huge. Both Enid and Huge are old friends and have been busting ghosts for a very long time. 

As per the trailer video, Specters’ crime consists of setting houses on fire, killing innocent people, and fighting with humans. This Elite Pass will follow both the friends’ journey tracking down a terrifying ghost that’s taken up residence in one of the towns. That’s all about the lore for now. Now, let’s talk about rewards. Here are some of the rewards that can be obtained from the upcoming Elite Pass:

  1. Specter Raider Bundle
  2. Specter Basher Bundle
  3. Specter Squad Thompson Skin
  4. Ghost Trapper Backpack
  5. Ghost Gamer Loot Box
  6. Specter Squad Surfboard
  7. Specter Mischief Grenade Skin
  8. Crystal Skull Avatar
  9. Specter Squad Banner

Also, Garena is working on launching a website where players can explore the story further.