Free Fire: McLaren P1 Skins Launched, Here is How to Earn Them

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Garena Free Fire is a pretty popular battle royale game well known in the gaming community with over 80 million daily users worldwide. Available in both Android and iOS, Free Fire has recently launched a massive crossover event in collaboration with the famous automotive brand Maclaren. 

The new Race To Ace event introduced after the Free Fire OB28 update features a brand new thematic takeover highlighting McLaren’s signature colours, a new game mode called race-to-ace, exclusive content, skins, cosmetics upgrades, weapons, a new garage design for the lobby and daily missions with tons of rewards. 

Free Fire: McLaren P1 Skins Launched, Here is How to Earn Them

Many of the event items are free, received through daily logins or by completing a challenge; other more premium items, skins require diamonds (in-game currency), meaning players will have to spend real money to get them.

Race To Ace also brings with it McLaren themed wallpapers for mobile and desktop; you can check them out through their Twitter post 

The event has already been live since July 23rd and is set for twelve days ending on August 3rd, giving players a lot of time to earn rewards. One of the highlights of the crossover event are the four new McLaren P1s, and the MCLFF (McLaren Free Fire) models that players are dying to get their hands on. 

The Four McLaren P1 Skins Include

  • The Green McLaren P1 Mantis
  • The Gold McLaren P1 Gold Spark
  • The Purple McLaren P1 Kyanos 
  • The Orange McLaren P1 Helios

Players can win the McLaren P1 Mantis for free by completing five laps of the Race To Ace event. 

Playing any game mode(squads recommended) and completing daily missions will reward the players with chequered flag tokens, which are then used to increase the car’s speed (boosts reset at 4 AM). Players can also invite their friends to join in and boost their car’s speed by 10km/h, much like sending XPs or gifts.

Free Fire: McLaren P1 Skins Launched, Here is How to Earn Them

 Each mission grants one flag, so a total of four per day through the daily missions, they are: 

  • Login
  • Play 3 games 
  • Play 6 games
  • Deal 1,000 damage. 

Race To Ace Rewards for Each Lap:

  • Lap 1: Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Lap 2: Pet Food
  • Lap 3: Hurricane Delivery Weapon Loot Crate
  • Lap 4: McLaren Racing Pin
  • Lap 5: McLaren P1 – Mantis
  • After Lap 5: The Race to Ace Chest

Many of the more lucky players have received the green Mclaren P1 Mantis as part of their daily login rewards; others had to grind through the event. The other skins can be bought using diamonds in the Free Fire store, with some still left to launch. So now you have all the info regarding the new McLarens, go and complete those laps as soon as possible. So, play Free Fire on PC with the BlueStacks app player and try its Shooting mode for never missing your target. 

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