Honkai: Star Rail is a popular strategy-RPG game set in the Honkai universe, known for its cosmic adventures. Recently, leaks have emerged on forums like Reddit, offering insights into upcoming character releases and more endgame content.

According to Dimbreath (on X, formerly Twitter), upcoming characters after version 1.5 are likely to include Ruan Mei, Screwllum, and Hanabi. The leaks also suggest new playable characters in the 1.5 update, like Huohuo, a five-star character with strong healing abilities, Argenti, a “Knight of Pure Beauty” worshiping Goddess Idrila, and Hanya, a four-star character specializing in capturing evil spirits.

The leaks also reveal details about the next in-game world, Penacony, with steampunk-inspired enemies and unique non-mechanical powers. Setsugekka, an upcoming five-star ice character, might appear in future updates, using Snow, Moon, and Flowers in her abilities.

Honkai: Star Rail’s robust character lineup at launch is a known factor, with hints of more characters in the game’s story and beta tests. The character release roadmap shows Luocha and Silver Wolf coming in version 1.1 and Kafka and Blade in version 1.2.

Considering Honkai 3rd’s long-lasting success, Honkai: Star Rail is poised for long-term support. Leaks also suggest exciting endgame content, including a new card game mode in an upcoming update. This will surely delight players who enjoy collecting and battling with powerful decks. These updates, however, should of course be taken with a pinch of salt since these are only leaks and no official announcement has been made about any of these updates.