Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by Moonton is one of the biggest MOBA games in the mobile market right now and it continues to deliver content to its large playerbase. For September 2023, it is expected that Moonton will release new skins, events, and give away free rewards to players. Events are probably going to be a big part of September as the game will not only launch Season 30 this month but will also celebrate its 7th anniversary. Let’s take a deeper dive into the new content that’s going to be released in Mobile Legends this month.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, you can install and play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PC or Mac with BlueStacks and be able to play the game at higher frame rates, resolutions, and graphics settings.

According to the Mobile Legends Advanced Server, a test server where players can access new content before it is released to the official server, the new hero that will come soon to the game is an Assassin hero named Nolan.

What to Expect in Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks

Lore-wise, Nolan is the father of Layla. He and his daughter did not really have a great relationship according to Layla’s story details. Before Layla, Nolan was the previous owner of the Malefic Gun. As of now we do not know the full lore behind Nolan but we do have some information about his skills and his ultimate.

His passive skill is Dimensional Rift and it allows Nola to cut through a rift in space and leave a rift on the ground. Enemies who are caught are slowed down by 30% for 5 seconds. When a rift intersects with another rift, it explodes shortly after and deals 150 Physical Damage (120% Total Physical ATK) to enemies in addition to pulling them into the rift. Nolan acquires 15 energy for every enemy caught in the explosion. The damage is reduced to 75% of the previous hit when multiple explosions hit an enemy at the same time. Lastly, Nolan can enhance his basic attack every 6 seconds to dash and pierce the enemy and deal Physical Damage while creating a rift.

His two normal skills are Expansion and Gauge. In Expansion, Nolan casts a rectangular area in front of him and deals 230/280/330/380/430/480(+40% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage while also slowing down enemies by 30% for 1 second. In Gauge, Nolan charges enemies head-on and deals 70/100/130/160/190/220(+30% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage.

His ultimate is Fracture and with this, Nolan slashes enemies in front of him to deal 100/150/200 (+15% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage 3 times. He also creates 3 rifts at the same time. He then slashes backward as a final move. This ultimate also removes all debuffs Nolan has.

September Starlight Perks

A new incoming month means a new incoming Starlight in Mobile Legends. In case you don’t know, Starlight is a monthly mission points systems that rewards players based on how many starlight points they accrue. Players can subscribe for starlight memberships to receive exclusive skins and access new prizes. It is essentially Mobile Legends’ version of the battle pass seen in other online mobile games.

What to Expect in Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks

The biggest perk of September’s starlight is the Alpha’s “Star Enforcer” skin, one of the Fighter heroes in the game. This new skin gives Alpha a more royal appearance with the white and gold chest armor attached with two capes paired with dark lower armor. His default dreadlocks are also replaced with a majestic light bluish ponytail. By levelling up your starlight, you can unlock the painted version of the “star enforcer” skin which replaces the blue and purple colors in the original skin with light red and dark purple ones.

What to Expect in Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks

Additionally, the September starlight comes with a sacred statue (skins for allied turrets) of Alpha wearing the skin as well as a unique trail effect that can be seen when Alpha is moving. You also get a new skin for the chat bubble, avatar border, name color, and new starlight graffiti

The September starlight will also see the return of 10 old Starlight skins that were released at least a year ago. These vintage skins can be bought in the Starlight Shop for 3000 Starlight Fragments each. The returning skins are:

Hero Name Skin Name
Alice Steam Glider
Alucard Viscount
Argus Dark Draconic
Aurora Heartbreak Empress
Clint Rock and Roll
Miya Captain Thorns
Moskov Snake-Eyed Commander
Natalia Phantom Dancer
Roger Anubis
Saber  Force Warrior

Mobile Legends’ 7th Anniversary

Mobile Legends is going to celebrate its 7th anniversary this September. To celebrate, players can participate in an event to unlock a skin for Johnson, a tank/support hero.

What to Expect in Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks

The skin can be unlocked by playing the Star Event where players can complete mini-tasks. These mini-tasks include puzzles mixed with racing elements. These puzzles come in batches and players must wait for the new batches to be released if they finish the current one early. When the player completes Stage 5.1, they unlock the new Johnson skin.

The Johnson skin and the event tied to it is just one of the many possible events that Moonton will host to celebrate Mobile Legends’ 77th anniversary. We’ll keep you updated once new anniversary events are announced.

Season 30 Rewards

It is currently Season 29 in Mobile Legends but Season 30 should start by September. When a new season kicks off, player ranks are reset and they have to start over.

What to Expect in Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks

During a new season, players can earn a new rank and unlock exclusive rewards such as skins, in-game tickets, and battle points. Players who reach Mythic rank can earn tokens that can be exchanged for future skins. One of the new exclusive skins is the “Jade Tortoise” skin for Baxia, a Tank/Support hero. Aside from that, players can also earn other cosmetics such as profile backgrounds, chat bubbles, and more by completing tasks in the Road to Mythic section.

Season 29 is scheduled to end on September 21, 2023 so Season 30 is very likely going to start after that date. Once it starts, Season 30 is expected to conclude in January 2024.