NieR Reincarnation Confirmed Coming to the West in TGS 2020

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At this point, NieR certainly requires no introductions. The vast and massive video game universe carefully crafted by the enigmatic Yoko Taro spans over a decade of entries across multiple game series, all woven into one large, sometimes-convoluted, but always-impressive world. Between talking dragons, soul pacts, biomechanical machine lifeforms, alien invasions, the extinction of humanity, and the sheer crushing hopelessness that are the nigh-unbeatable Grotesquerie and their awful Queen, these games touch tons of interesting issues that keep players invested, if not for the gameplay, for the lore.

But why are we telling you all this? Well, while the NieR universe has been restricted to consoles and PC, it has also been making its way to the mobile platform, firstly with SINoALICE which, while not directly in the NieR universe, was also directed by Yoko Taro and even features crossovers from NieR.

NieR Reincarnation Confirmed Coming to the West in TGS 2020

However, in the Tokyo Game Show 2020, Square Enix confirmed that there would be another title coming to mobile devices, and this time it’s a direct entry in the NieR universe exclusive to this platform, NieR Reincarnation. And as with any other mobile game, in our App Center, Reincarnation will also be playable on PC with BlueStacks.

A New Entry in the NieR Universe

From what little we could see in the TGS presentation, it seems Reincarnation will take place directly in the NieR world. If you’re familiar with the series, you’d know this is kind of a big deal since the games in this universe often take place in different dimensions. Specifically, the Drakengard series takes place in one dimension, while the NieR series takes place in another, though they are both closely intermingled together at several points.

The presentation showed that Reincarnation could be set in the ruined world of the NieR universe, perhaps far after humanity has gone extinct. The player will control the character simply known as “White Girl”, a kind-hearted but amnesiac young woman who, through the guidance of the one known only as “Mama”, will navigate the ruins and find her way.

NieR Reincarnation Confirmed Coming to the West in TGS 2020

The game has already had a closed beta test where players got to try out the combat and gameplay. The basic gameplay simply consists of exploring the huge 3D world filled with ruins and lush forests, and also battling against the monsters that stand in your path. The combat takes place in a turn-based format and, from what we saw, the monsters are reminiscent of the Gestalt creatures from NieR Gestalt and NieR RepliCant.

Unfortunately, the story elements were mostly removed so that they could remain relatively spoiler-free ahead of the game’s release. However, it was made apparent that the game would heavily feature gacha elements as a way to summon new characters, and from little was shown, we could identify several playable characters reminiscent to the ones from other NieR games such as A2 and Emil. Check out this official trailer where Square Enix teases some of the setting of the game:

Regardless, we’ve yet to see any important elements such as the basic premise of the game and its location in the NieR universe timeline, which only makes it want to play it even more so we can find out!

NieR Reincarnation Release Date

Though Square Enix has definitely confirmed beyond all doubt that it’s coming to the West, the game will first launch in Japan on December 23, 2020. In fact, players can already pre-register ahead of the game’s launch to get access as soon as it’s available. Stick around and check out our blog as we’ll be covering any news on NieR Reincarnation as they unfold.

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