Star Wars Hunters is an upcoming arena combat game currently in development by Zynga’s NaturalMotion studio and its subsidiary Boss Alien. This squad-based arena game is set for release in 2022 for platforms such as Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch

Star Wars Hunters recently released a gameplay trailer In the trailer, we can see all the Hunters in combat showcasing their moves and abilities. You can find out more about the Hunter by scrolling down.

The Premise

Star Wars Hunters are set on the planet of Vespaara, where the greatest Hunters from across the Star Wars galaxy come together and compete in the arena. 

Star Wars Hunters: Gameplay Trailer Characters, Game Modes, and More

Players can engage in thrilling third-person combat to dominate grand battlefields set in a range of adventurous maps that evoke iconic Star Wars worlds. Mix and match teams, use skill, tactics and customize your Hunters to find a winning strategy and reap the spoils of victory in the arena.

Game Modes

Escort where defense and attack skills are crucial as the team needs to work together to safely escort the payload before their enemies defeat them.

In Control, two teams (4v4 third-person combat ) battle it out to defeat one another and take control of the central objective area until the time runs out. Each battlefield set in The Grand Arena on Vespaara evokes iconic Star Wars locales such as Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor.

The Hunters

Star Wars Hunters will include all kinds of characters( Hunters), from a Jedi droid to a fully-fledged dark side warrior. Here is the list of Hunter and their special moves released so far by the developers.

Sentinel –  An unambiguous villain, he luxuriates in the crowd’s animosity. The last survivor of several regiments, this invincible soldier honors his fallen comrades with his bandolier of badges and has vowed to avenge them by destroying the Empire’s enemies.

Sentinel’s Empire’s Finest – Calling for reinforcements. This heavy gunner can summon two follower stormtroopers who open fire on his enemies. 

Grozz is a dual-wielding, furious engine of rampaging Wookiee power. An ex-pro huttballer from Kashyyyk who has become accustomed to the adulation of the masses. Large even for a Wookiee, with his two weapons – ripped from the shoulders of an unfortunate hyphenate KX-droid who got in his way.

Grozz’s Boulder Bash – Crush your opponents. He rips a boulder out of the floor, which bounces around and stuns and damages your enemies. 

Imara Vex– This professional bounty hunter cuts a striking and intimidating figure in her signature mask. Using the show as a side gig to showcase her talents to prospective clients, Vex’s personal and social life is a deliberately-woven mystery. The less they know about you, the less they can use against you. That’s Imara’s strict and bold bottom line.

Imara Vex’s Seeker Salvo – Nowhere to hide. She unleashes a barrage of rockets that track nearby enemies down, causing heavy damage. 

Zaina is a veteran of the Rebellion, acting as a symbol of honor and justice, with unimpeachable integrity and a never-surrender attitude. She’s a born leader whose skills have been honed in the fires of countless battles. Calling out old Rebellion edicts and slogans, she speaks to the fans of the nascent New Republic and promises a bright galactic future.

Zaina’s Sticky Bomb – A sticky situation. Zaina can stick a bomb on enemies or objects, which then explodes, creating significant damage. 

Aran Tal- This Mandalorian stalwart is here to call out the wicked and serve up fiery justice.

Rieve– Filled with a reckless but powerful rage, Rieve lashes out at the other Hunters with her terrible red lightsaber with a vicious joy. This young fighter radiates danger, designed to keep you off-balance, but there’s a dark charisma that simultaneously draws you in.

Rieve’s Lightsaber Throw – As dangerous as it sounds. She throws the lightsaber in front of her causing severe damage to opponents. 

Star Wars Hunters: Gameplay Trailer Characters, Game Modes, and More

J-3DI– A custom-built Jedi Knight in droid form, no expense has been spared to provide the authentic Jedi experience. J-3DI brings the legends to life for the crowd’s delight, and he’s the complete package with his iconic blue lightsaber, simulated Force powers, and databank of Jedi wisdom.

 A favorite trick of J-3DI is that he can launch his hand and pull an enemy directly back to himself for face-to-face combat. 

Utooni– These Jawa brothers always fight to win and do whatever it takes to increase the visibility of their brand: they are always ready to showcase their best moves and arsenal of oversized weaponry hidden under that long cloak, which would come in handy if they could stop arguing about what weapon to use first.

Utooni’s Scrap Cannon – Ultimate resourcefulness. A quick-assembled weapon made from scrap that the two twin scavengers pilot. It unleashes a destructive beam for a short period of time. 

Slingshot– Driver, and vehicle are nearly inseparable; Dizzy doesn’t feel right in the world without his droideka by his side. They both like what they’ve got going, and as reckless and wild as Slingshot is in the Arena, they want nothing to change outside it and are very careful and thorough in their efforts to preserve their union.

Slingshot’s Rocket Stomp! – Shields Up. Slingshot will repeatedly jump up and slam down, damaging and slowing enemies around.

The Classes

Damage Class– Inflicts a barrage of heavy attacks; damage characters are their opponents’ biggest threat (Rieve, Sentinal, J-3DI, Utoone, Aran Tal & Imara Vex).

Support Class– Usually involved healing and helping out their squad during the match; Support characters are critical in keeping the battle going longer. (Zaina)

Tank– Hard to overpower, Tank characters always assert their dominance in the Arena as they take on opponents and keep their team from harm(Slingshot & Grozz).

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