According to sources, a fleet of new SSR characters is dawning upon us in future updates for Tower of Fantasy. The leaks are according to fellow Twitter user Shojin who has previously highlighted other leaks for previous patches regarding Tower of Fantasy. Although the game is still very new to the global side, it was previously released in the region of China before global. Many of the SSR characters mentioned in the leaks are not even available in the overseas version itself. Sources are saying these new SSR characters will likely be available in the live version of the game after Update 2.4. 

Tower of Fantasy – 9 New SSR Characters Leaked for Upcoming Updates

Let’s take a look at the names and the elements of the leaked characters:

  • Fiona – Fiona is an Aberration element character that might make use of dual swords as her primary weapon.
  • Lan – Lan is a Flame element character. She likely will use an umbrella as her weapon.
  • Han Lu – Han Lu is a Frost element character.
  • Icarus – Icarus is a Frost element character that makes use of flying stars as her weapon.
  • Molinia – Molinia is a Volt/Flame element character that might excel at debuffing enemies.
  • Zeke – Zeke is a Physical element character. Leaks show him wielding a double-handed sword.
  • Seele – Seele is a Flame element character.
  • Valkyrie – Valkyrie is a Volt element character that was a boss in the story mode.
  • Aegis – Aegis is a Physical element character that currently resides in the Void Rift.

As always, these are just leaks at the end of the day with no proof of their existence or their release date at the moment. 

Tower of Fantasy – 9 New SSR Characters Leaked for Upcoming Updates

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