Exptional Global’s upcoming zombie RPG ‘Undead Unlimited’ has recently entered early access in Canada. This phase of the early access is limited to Android devices, and no information has been made public about the iOS early access as of yet.

Zombie RPG Undead Unlimited Opens Early Access in Canada

Undead Unlimited sends players in a post-apocalyptic world where the boundary between life and death has been shattered by a plague. Players have to use an arsenal of different weapons at their disposal to ensure their survival in the zombie apocalypse. While most of the combat in this game is idle, players have to upgrade their defenses manually to fend off hordes of zombies. There are a number of different ways to fight, as well as lots of new places to explore.

Undead Unlimited’s vast map features real-world locations like New York and Philadelphia. As players progress through the game and unlock new parts of the map, they’ll find themselves being approached by tougher challenges and stronger bosses.

The game also features world bosses that players can take down together to earn premium rewards for themselves.

Zombie RPG Undead Unlimited Opens Early Access in Canada

Players residing in Canada can pre-register for the game right now via the Google Play Store.

The developers haven’t shed any light on the global release of Undead Unlimited at the time of writing. However, fans can expect to be able to play the game sometime later this year.

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