Arknights is a stategy game by Yostar that blends sci-fi and anime elements into one. Recently, the game launched its “All Quiet Under The Thunder” event which has introduced a plethora of fresh content to the game. This includes several new operators and various sub-events where you can get more rewards.

The “All Quiet Under The Thunder” event lasts until November 7, 2023, 3:59 (UTC-7). The main highlight of this update is the set of new characters: Ines, Morgan, Cement, and Humus, who will add to the expanding  roster of Operators in the game. Let’s check out all of the new content the event brings to game.

MAIN THEME EPISODE 12: All Quiet under the Thunder OPEN

This is unlocked by clearing 11-21 in the Main Theme Episode 11: Return to Mist. Clearing stages of the whole event in different environments unlocks parts of the Cleaner’s Collection, which contains the 5-star operator Moran, Morgan’s Tokens, Logistics Special Perimits, and more!

  • Morgan (5-star): a Dreadnought who deals Physical damage. She can gain either of her skills (ATF buff and Barrrier respectively) by sacrificing part of her HP.


All Sanity consumed will be refunded if you fail to challenge uncleared stages in the event.

Arknight’s “All Quiet Under The Thunder” Event: What You Need to Know


All stages that consume Sanity, except for Annihilation, Intermezzi, and Side Story stages, will have a chance to drop Emergency Sanity Sampler and Rhodes Island Supplies.


The limited-time headhunting “As In My Adumbration” increases the chances of getting the following characters.

  • Ines (6-stars): a Vanguard Operator that has low redeployment time and ranged attacks. Her first striks stuns enemies for several seconds, allowing her to damage them.
  • Cement (5-star): a Duelist that restores SP when blocking enemies. Her Physical damage reduction doubles after deployment. Her first strike deals Physical damage to all enemies within range.
  • Humus (4-star): a Reaper that cannot be healed but can deal AOE damage. Humus regains HP from successful hits on enemies.

Limited-Time Tactical Support Event – Phrase II

Clear stages in “Main Theme” to collect rewards like Emergency Sanity Booster, Emergency Sanity Concentrate, and the like. All Operators will earn more Trust in Main Theme stages and Supplies stages when conditions are met.

Arknight’s “All Quiet Under The Thunder” Event: What You Need to Know

New Outfits

Several outfit collections will be made available in the Outfit Store such as the Epoque Collection, Raythean Striker Series, and Bloodline of Combat. 

  • Epoque Collection – To Effloresce Whitely for Horn
  • Epoque Collection – A Thousand Correspondences for Heidi
  • Epoque Collection – Invitation for Harmonie
  • Raythean Striker Series – City Destroyer for Siege
  • Raythean Striker Series – Valiant General for Indra
  • Raythean Striker Series – Survive for Scavenger
  • Bloodline of Combat Collection – Octopath Illusion for Hellagur
  • Bloodline of Combat Collection – Wind of Breaking Blade for Shirayuki
  • Vitafield [Foruiner] Series Classics – Tranquil Moss for Heavyrain

Furniture Sets

The Glasgow Gang Boxing Gym furniture theme will be available at the Store. Players can also get the Catastrophe Observatory theme by clearing Main Theme stages and all Supplies stages.

The new event in Arknights is jam-packed with new content that players will certainly have fun with. You can check out this tier list to know the best Operators to use in Arknights in 2023 and see which characters work best with the newly released ones. You can play and install Arknights on PC or Mac now with BlueStacks and use features like macros to make your gameplay experience more convenient.