Another day, another update for our favorite ship gacha game. However, this time, commanders will have a chance to vote for their idols at Azur Lane’s Popularity Poll event. 

The last update that we received featured the Fluttering Fanfare event which featured a special skin. The Fluttering Fanfare skin is the destroyer’s new outfit, showing her in delicate pink robes that will surely make any commander’s heart skip a beat.

Let us take a look at what kind of skins and events this October update holds for us.

Azur Lane’s Popularity Poll

To participate in Azur Lane’s Popularity Poll event, players must have cleared the main campaign stages after Chapter 3 or event stages to get Certificates of Support. You can use these Certificates to get Support Points, then collect Support Points to get Ballots to vote.

This Popularity Poll event will take place in five phases starting with the Preliminaries. 

Taking a look back at the Popularity Poll 2019, the survey’s top three characters were Amagi, Laffey, and Bismarck. They have been listed in the Hall of Fame and will not be a part of this year’s Popularity Poll, together with a collab, µ, and META characters.

Characters that were listed in the Hall of Fame will have new stories and limited portrait frames.

YoStar Games is also promising a little fresh content for all players. For example, using the High-Efficiency Combat Logistics Plan will double both oil consumption and rewards will also be doubled.

The rewards for Chapter 9 to 13 stages have been optimized too, where the amount of extra rewards will be based on average oil consumption of fleets that participated in the combat.

Rerun characters and skins

Of course, this update would not be complete without rerun characters. Commanders will have a chance to pull for the following characters:

  • Amagi (added to Heavy Construction Pool)
  • Tosa (added to Heavy Construction Pool)
  • Ashigara (added to Light Construction Pool)
  • Hanazuki (added to Light Construction Pool)
  • Naganami (added to Light Construction Pool)
  • Hatakaze (added to Light Construction Pool)
  • Naka (added to Light Construction Pool)
  • Kaga (BB)
  • Makinami

These skins will also have their rerun:

  • Amagi – Wending Waters, Serene Lotus
  • Tosa – Hometown Zest
  • Ashigara – Kaleidoscopic Summer
  • Hiei – Beauty of the White Sans
  • Naka – Foxy Summer Surfer
  • Hanazuki – Morning Moon, Beachside Flower
  • Makinami – Time for School!
  • Naganami – Long Waves of Happiness

Azur Lane October Update: It’s Time to Vote in the Popularity Poll Event

All commanders and players will receive 1,500x coins and 2,000x oils as compensation for this update.

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