Blue Archive recently released their first major update on November 29, featuring a brand new event called the Cherry Blossom Commotion Event. Alongside the event, we also get new characters, mini-events, sub-storylines as well as rare rewards.

Here is a quick rundown if you haven’t heard of Blue Archive before. Blue Archive is a mobile gacha game combining youth, academic life, and military RPG elements. The game was first released in Japan on February 4, 2021, by Yostar, with NAT games as the developer.

Then after a couple of months, on November 8, a global version of Blue Archive was introduced by Nexon. You can download the game from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Now let’s look at the game’s premise to get started

“You have been appointed as an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club, Schale, located in Kivotos. It’s a huge academy city where numerous academies are clustered together. Resolve the endless incidents that occur in Kivotos with charming allies full of personality, and build special memories with them. “

The Cherry Blossom Commotion Event

The event went live on November 29 and is set to end on December 14, with the event shops closing on December 21. You can access this event by simply tapping the lobby > top right side of the screen > Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion event icon.

Event Features

  • Event Grand Opening present: Pyroxene x1,200 + 120 daily AP
  • Event Story: You can view the episodes unlocked after clearing the event story again in the [Story] on the bottom left of the screen. You cannot Sweep the event stories.
  • Event Quest: You must complete Event Stories > [10] Hyakkiyako Cherry Blossom Festival to start the event quest. You can Sweep quest 1-6, but you cannot Sweep quest.
  • Specialized Student Effect: Use Izuna, Shizuko, Chise, Tsubaki, and Pina to clear the event stage and earn even more Event Points and event-exclusive items.
  • The Cherry Blossom event contains 4 currencies the Fox, Raccoon, and Cherry coins, then the event points, all of which can be exchanged for items in the event shop.
  • The event points can be exchanged for credit points (100 event points = 20k credit points).

The Cherry Blossom Event is divided into two sections, the story, and the quests. There are 7 quests that can be accessed at any time, best for farming resources.

  • Cherry Blossom Grounds Building 3
  • Cherry Blossom Grounds Building 12
  • Fox Market Central Area
  • Fox Market East Street
  • Fox Market Southern Outskirts
  • Hyakkiyako Cherry Blossom Festival Central Square
  • [Challenge] vs Hyakkiyako Mouryo Gang!

There are 10 stories to unlock, and you will have to play them in order. Keep in mind different specialized students give extra bonuses in the quests. For example, Pina & Tsubaki provide the Fox coin bonus, Shizuko & Chise give you the Raccoon coin bonus, and Izuna gets you the cherry coin bonus.

You can also earn rewards using the Event Points/milestones; the maximum number of points is 10000.

3★ Izuna & 2★ Shizuko, 3★ Haruna Pick Up Recruitment

  • Izuna, Shizuko and Haruna are available in Pick-Up from November 29 to December 14. 
  • You cannot recruit Izuna in 3-Star Student Guaranteed Recruitment. Izuna and Shizuko can be recruited from Regular Recruitment during the Pick-Up period and can also be recruited from Regular Recruitment after the Pick-Up period ends. 

Blue Archive Massive Update: The Cherry Blossom Commotion Event

Things To Keep In Mind For The Pick-Up

  • Recruitment Points can be obtained from both Pick Up Recruitment and Regular Recruitment.
  • You can get Recruitment Points if you recruit during the Pick-Up Recruitment Period.
  • You can directly recruit a Pick-Up student with the earned Recruitment Points. (Required Recruitment Points: 200)
  • Once the Pick-Up Recruitment Period ends, the Recruitment Points you have will be automatically exchanged for Keystone Pieces in a 1:1 ratio, which will be sent to your mailbox.
  • Recruitment Points can no longer be used once the Pick-Up Recruitment Period ends, so please make sure to use them while you can.
  • Depending on the mobile device, there may be a 1 to a 2-minute difference regarding the end of the Pick-Up Recruitment Periods, so please try to give yourself some leeway and use your Recruitment Points 5 minutes before the end of the Pick-Up Recruitment Period. 

Fixes, Improvements and Product Updates

  • Nonomi’s Eleph has been given to those who experienced the deduction error. 
  • Some characters’ Eleph Acquisition Store shortcut errors have been corrected.
  • Mission > Main Story 2 has been added. (When you replay Main Story 2, you can clear the mission.)
  • Some typos and line changes have been corrected.
  • Some terms in the skill description have been modified.
  • [HP]→[Max HP]
  • [Crit Damage Ratio] →[Crit DMG]
  • [Crit RES]→[Crit DMG RES]

1) New Teacher Proxene pack

  • Can be purchased in Purchase Pyroxene > [Pack] tab
  • Purchase Restrictions: 3 times per account
  • Product Info: Pyroxene x400 (Including 352 bonus Pyroxenes) 

2) Monthly Pyroxene x6,600

  • Can be purchased in Purchase Pyroxene > [Pyroxene] tab
  • Purchase Restrictions: 3 times monthly per account
  • Product Info: Pyroxene x4000 + 2,600 (bonus) * Purchase count resets at 07:00 (UTC) every 1st of the month.

That’s it for now; stay tuned for more gaming-related content from us.