Call of Dragons is an immersive strategy game set in the enchanting world of Tamaris, where players command powerful armies, forge alliances, and embark on epic adventures. The developers of this captivating game are committed to enhancing the player experience through continuous adjustments and optimizations. 

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.19 – ‘The Grand Jubilee’ Features & Improvements

In their latest effort to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, they’ve rolled out update 1.0.19, also known as “The Grand Jubilee,” packed with exciting events and game improvements. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of this update, uncovering the new features and enhancements that await players in the land of Tamaris.

Expanding the Narrative: Season Stories

In “The Grand Jubilee” update, Call of Dragons continues to unravel its captivating storyline with the introduction of Season Stories Chapter 3, “The Mountains My Witness,” and Chapter 4, “The Door to Tomorrow.” These narrative additions promise to deepen the lore of the land of Belleron and take players on an engaging journey through the game’s immersive world.

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.19 – ‘The Grand Jubilee’ Features & Improvements

For players who relish the storytelling aspect of the game, these new chapters offer a wealth of lore, character development, and plot twists to uncover. Each chapter presents an opportunity to dive deeper into the intricacies of Tamaris and its inhabitants, revealing secrets, alliances, and conflicts that shape the game’s ever-evolving narrative.

Moreover, “The Grand Jubilee” update introduces the “Covenantal Offerings” event, allowing Season 2 players to contribute resources to rebuild the Gate of Promises. This collaborative effort not only furthers the story but also opens the door to the next season, ensuring that players with a penchant for storytelling will have plenty to look forward to.

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.19 – ‘The Grand Jubilee’ Features & Improvements

As the narrative unfolds, players will not only satisfy their thirst for epic tales but also reap fantastic rewards, making it a win-win for those who seek both gripping storylines and in-game progression. This dynamic blend of storytelling and rewards adds depth to the game and keeps players engaged as they explore the mysteries of Tamaris.

Colorful Garden Party Holiday Event

“The Grand Jubilee” update brings the vibrant and celebratory “Colorful Garden Party Holiday Event” to Call of Dragons. Lasting for a total of eight days, this event invites players to partake in various festivities and festivities alongside the cheerful denizens of the Abbey.

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.19 – ‘The Grand Jubilee’ Features & Improvements

Here’s a glimpse of what this event entails:

  • Lucky Ball Machine: Engage in the event to earn Lucky Coins, which can be used to play the Lucky Ball Machine. Spin the machine and discover a range of exciting rewards waiting to be claimed.
  • Great Heights: Embark on perilous trials as you ascend to the peak, aiming to conquer challenges and earn a brand-new City Theme. This element of the event adds an adventurous twist to the celebrations.
  • Everything Must Go!: Prepare for discounts, surprises, and exceptional bargains. This section of the event promises an array of rewards and opportunities to enhance your gameplay experience.
  • Vale Society Quiz: Test your knowledge and wit in the Vale Society Quiz. Answer questions correctly to win rewards thoughtfully prepared by Velyn, adding an intellectual aspect to the festivities.
  • Celestial Battlegrounds: Push your limits and showcase your might in intense battles. The goal here is to defeat enemies as swiftly as possible, offering players a challenging combat experience.
  • Bounty Hunt: Join the fray to bravely reclaim the lost goods of the Merchants’ Guild. Engaging in battle to secure these items adds an exciting dimension to the event.

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.19 – ‘The Grand Jubilee’ Features & Improvements

The “Colorful Garden Party Holiday Event” provides a well-rounded experience, blending gameplay challenges, quizzes, and rewards into a fun and engaging celebration. Whether you’re looking to test your strategic prowess, expand your knowledge, or simply enjoy the festivities, this event has something for every player to enjoy. Be sure to check the Event Calendar for event times and make the most of this jubilant occasion in Call of Dragons.

Gameplay Enhancements and Optimizations

In “The Grand Jubilee” update, Call of Dragons introduces several noteworthy improvements and optimizations to enhance the player experience. These changes span various aspects of the game, addressing combat behavior, unit appearance, and overall gameplay flow.

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.19 – ‘The Grand Jubilee’ Features & Improvements

One significant improvement focuses on the combat behavior of Rallied Armies. When these armies are intercepted or attacked during marches, they now respond more effectively by attacking nearby enemies within their range. This adjustment enhances the strategic aspect of battles and ensures that Rallied Armies engage opponents appropriately without unnecessary pursuit.

Additionally, players will notice improved visual distinctions among different legion levels and unit types. This includes enhancements to unit types such as Vestals, Swordsmen, Knights, Ballistas, and Celestials, making it easier for players to identify and strategize with their legions.

For those engaged in capturing Level 25 Beasts, these fearsome creatures will now appear in all spawn zones on the world map, enriching the world of Tamaris with more formidable adversaries and strategic opportunities.

In the early Season event “The Great Revival,” the Cease Fire effect has been extended, providing players with a longer window of protection for their Legions and buildings. This adjustment aims to create a smoother progression for players, reducing potential early conflicts and allowing more time for strategic development.

Regarding the War Pets system, the developers have responded to player feedback with valuable improvements. Players can now expect guaranteed Epic or Legendary War Pets after a certain number of regenerations, preventing accidental loss of these powerful companions. The Merits Store will offer Regeneration Potions and War Pet Skill Cards regularly, providing more opportunities for players to strengthen their War Pets.

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.19 – ‘The Grand Jubilee’ Features & Improvements

Furthermore, the Crystal Store has undergone updates, with items now offering large quantities of valuable 3-Star War Pet Skill Cards, ensuring players have access to valuable resources. Improvements in War Pet information display, Scout reports, and Garrison Hero details have also been implemented for a smoother and more informative gaming experience.

These optimizations and improvements collectively contribute to a more enjoyable and accessible experience in Call of Dragons, aligning with the developers’ commitment to refining and enriching the game for their dedicated player base. However, we’ve only addressed a handful of these changes. If you’re interested in the full list of upgrades, feel free to check out the official patch notes for the latest Call of Dragons update.