This week the Call of Duty: Mobile has received the second major weapon balance update of the year just a few days before COD Mobile Season 4’s arrival. In this update, Activision added a new event, ‘80s Action Heroes’, in Call of Duty: Mobile, Call of Duty: Cold War and Warzone. 

John McClane and Rambo, from two popular movie franchises, ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Rambo’ have arrived in the game as a part of it. 

The two legendary classic action heroes from the 1980s were available to be claimed in Call of Duty: Mobile on May 20 at 5 pm (PT). One can transform into one of the two action heroes by buying Die Hard Bundle and Rambo Bundle from the in-game store.

In addition to this, John McClane and Rambo have also brought a new game mode named Guns Blazing along with them that will be available for two weeks until June 2. It allows players to transform into either John McClane or Rambo for free, and they can also dual-wield two Chopper Light Machine Guns (LMGs) in this mode.

Guns Blazing Mode

The two-week Multiplayer event features a free-for-all experience, and a total of eight players can join a match. The player with 500 points can transform into any of the two action heroes – John McClane or Rambo for free. One can only earn those points by eliminating the enemies, and each normal kill will reward the player with 100 points; however, killing an action hero – John McClane or Rambo, can fetch 300 points to the player.

Once the player transforms into an action hero, the health of the player increases, and other than that, they also get two dual-wielded Chopper LMGs with 200 ammo. If the player exhausts all the ammo or gets killed, they will return to their normal state. Players can only use normal loadouts in the mode, but Scorestreaks and Operator Skills will be disabled.

Die Hard and Rambo Bundles

Players can get John McClane and Rambo as permanent characters in the multiplayer and Battle Royale matches by unlocking them through the Die Hard and Rambo bundles. The two bundles also have a huge variety of other items themed to these two legendary action heroes. Rambo’s bundle features items like his knife and the AK-47 Life & Death blueprint that would be great to take other players down. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guns Blazing Mode Complete Details

On the other hand, the Die Hard Bundle consists of a variety of weapons, including the Frag Grenade – Ho Ho Ho and the Antelope 20 – Nakatomi Security vehicle camo. Players can experience the game as John McClane and Rambo for a limited time, and in this mode, they can do it without purchasing the 80s Action Heroes bundles.