Epic Seven’s Epic Festival is here, and it offers a dazzling reward to all players — 77,777 Skystones! Best of all, everyone has a fair chance to grab the prize by participating in the Epic Quiz.

What is the Epic Quiz?

The Epic Quiz is one of the 2021 Epic Festival’s mini events. Epic Quiz is basically a quiz show that will throw ten random questions to all players and in turn, participants must answer them correctly to have a chance at the 77,777 Skystones prize pool.

The Epic Quiz will be a multiple choice type and will be open to all players who have tuned in to the time of the livestream.

How to join the Epic Quiz?

The steps are so easy, almost anyone with a mobile phone can join!

  1. Go to the Epic Festival page.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the Epic Quiz part, in which you will be tapping the “Participate” button.
  3. You can only participate during the Epic Quiz’s livestream time to be sure to get updated on their schedule!
  4. Enter all your account information at least one minute prior to the beginning of the Epic Quiz.

What is the Epic Quiz schedule?

The Epic Festival will commence for three days, which means you will have three chances to participate in the Epic Quiz.

Here is the Epic Quiz schedule:

  • April 25 at 5:00 UTC
  • TBA – will be available from April 30
  • TBA – will be available from May 21

You are almost ready to participate in the Epic Quiz event, just remember that you should be using a mobile phone during the livestream to get qualified. The questions will only be released during the scheduled time of the livestream, so be sure not to miss it! Go ahead and set an alarm or a reminder for the Epic Quiz.

Note that refreshing the page might kick you out of the page, giving you no chance to participate in the Epic Quiz once it has started.

Epic Seven: How to Join the Epic Festival's Epic Quiz

If you get all the answers correctly (yes, that means 10/10 and no room for mistakes), your name will be included in the Winner’s Prize Pool which has a 77,777 Skystones for its prize pool. Based on the number of people who aced the Epic Quiz, the Skystones will be divided among them. Note that the reward will be rounded up to the nearest whole number in case of a conflict.

If you are ready to participate in the Epic Quiz, click on this link on your mobile phone to join on April 25 at 5:00 UTC.

Day 1 of the Epic Festival will be packed with lots of mini events like its Opening Ceremony, the E7WC Main Match Round 1 for Group A and B, the Heirs’ Day 1 Event, and a generous raffle draw for everyone. Players will have a chance to take home an E7WC hoodie or a Luna figure during the event raffle draw.