Eversoul has already completed over 1 month in live-service and the response from the community has been nothing but overwhelming. Possibly one of the biggest released of 2023, KakaoGames, the developers of Eversoul are making sure the game does not stale out on this Valentine’s week. A short update was made recently which introduced a new Soul called Velanna along with a new Battlefront Area featuring the recently released Souls Jiho and Velanna. Players can download and install Eversoul as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store with in-game microtransactions enabled or disabled.

Velanna – New Epic Soul

Velanna is an Epic grade Soul that is from the Undead faction. She is classified as a Warrior in-game and has great base stats. Velanna will be available to be summoned from the Pick-Up Recruitment banner from 2nd February 2023 till 16th February 2023. Velanna’s description reads the following – “Let me ask you a question: Have you ever saved anyone on your own? While you struggle to win the favor of other Souls around you and get along well with them, you feel life is worthwhile, huh? That’s a good thing, you great Savior.”

Eversoul – New Soul Velanna and Battlefront Area 16

Take a look at Velanna’s skills and abilities:

Soaring Hatred (1st Sub Skill): Summons a sword that pierces the ground, dealing damage equal to 110% of ATK in a 2.5m radius and makes the target bleed, dealing DoT equal to 50% of ATK every 2 seconds for a total of 12 seconds.

Level 21: Damage changes to 120%, bleeding damage changes to 55%.

Level 121: Damage changes to 130%, bleeding Damage changes to 60%, and bleeding duration changes to 14 seconds.

Swirling Frenzy (2nd Sub Skill): Summons a sword which deals damage equal to 140% of ATK in a 2.5m radius. Deals 100% additional damage to bleeding targets.

Level 41: Damage changes to 150%, additional damage changes to 110%. Adds an effect which increases her Physical Resistance by 30% and Magic Resistance by 30% for 14 seconds.

Level 141: Damage changes to 160%, additional damage changes to 120%.

Wild Dance (Main Skill): Slashes at the nearest enemy and then moves forward in a range of 5m length and at a 180 degree angle. This deals damage equal to 200% of ATK. Deals 120% additional damage to bleeding targets.

Level 81: Damage changes to 210%, additional damage changes to 130%.

Level 181: Damage changes to 220%, additional damage changes to 140%. Adds an effect which stuns the target for 2 seconds if the target is bleeding.

Eversoul – New Soul Velanna and Battlefront Area 16

Ball of Blood and Snake (Ultimate Skill): Goes into a frenzy, dealing damage equal to 240% ATK to all enemies and opens their wounds which cannot be cured. Enemies with open wounds continuously receive 55% damage ever 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Targets that are already bleeding will receive 140% additional damage.

Level 101: Damage changes to 260%, additional damage changes to 160%, and bleed damage changes to 60%.

Level 201: Damage changes to 280%, additional damage changes to 180%, bleeding damage changes to 65%. Adds an effect which stuns bleeding targets for 3 seconds.

Seething Obsession (Passive Skill): Velanna’s sword seeks enemy blood. All of her attacks are dealt as critical hits against bleeding enemies, and her Life Steal increases by 30%.

Level 61: Life Steal increase changes to 35%.

Level 161: Life Steal increase changes to 40%.

New Battlefront Area 16 

A new area for the Battlefront is being added in the form of Area 16 – Ghost City Mortus. For those unaware, Battlefront is essentially the main story stages in Eversoul that details the journey of the protagonist in his quest to unite the Souls and give them meaning. In Area 16, players will be able to meet Jiho, Velanna, and Honglan as boss Souls.

Eversoul – New Soul Velanna and Battlefront Area 16

Players can read the official patch notes to get more in-depth information! To play Eversoul on a bigger screen of your PC, it is highly recommended to use BlueStacks along with your keyboard and mouse.