Valance is a socially distant person and only has a few that she can call friends but she cherished and valued her friendship with her life. When something tragic happened to one of them it greatly affected her view of the world she lives in and what she really was fighting for. 

Skills, Weapons, and Perks

To exact her revenge she needs a good set of skills and here are all of them.

Prototype – VA (first skill)

Dispels negative effects from the ally with the highest ATK and grants [Hologram] for 15 sec.

[Hologram] increases the target’s ATK, Crit Chance, heals HP every sec and reduces its Cooldown of all active Skills by 0.2 sec.

While [Hologram] is active, the target gains immunity to negative effects.

Absolute Protection Field – LA (second skill)

Creates an [Violet Force Field] that lasts for 5 sec within a wide range of self. Allies within the range of [Violet Force Field] have them All DEF increased by 15%, gain immunity to CC, and have their HP healed and Mana recovered every sec.

Ultimate Laser Cannon – NCE (third skill)

Summons laser cannons behind self that fire laser beams, dealing P.DMG to the enemy. The hit target is inflicted with Stun for 3 sec and becomes [Manipulated] for 15 sec. Afterward, the cannons additionally fire a total of 9 laser beams at random enemies. Each laser beam deals P.DMG inflicts Stun on the hit target for 1.5 sec and inflicts [Manipulated] for 15 sec. Enemies who are [Manipulated] have their Heal Rate reduced by 5% and take 7% increased All DMG. [Manipulated] can be stacked up to a max of 7 times.

Technomagic Awakening (fourth skill)

Increases self’s All DEF, Mana Recovery/Attack, and ATK of all allies. In the Technomagic Kingdom, increases all allies’ DMG dealt with Bosses by 15%.

Soul Weapon

Skill Activation Requirement: Charges up over 23 sec.

Skill Info: Dispels negative effects from self and summons the soul of Wonder of Magos Le’Flamme, Corbeau Rose for 10 sec, amplifying the effect of Wonder of Magos Le’Flamme, Corbeau Rose by 3 times.

Advancement Phase 1: Increases the duration by 5 sec and recovers Mana of all allies.

Advancement Phase 2: Reduces Skill Activation Requirements by 10 sec. Upon activation, reduces all allies’ Cooldown of all active Skills by 5 sec.

Transcendence 3

Prototype – VA (first skill)

Light – [Hologram] applies to 2 allies with the highest ATK.

Dark – [Hologram] additionally increases Crit DMG by 50%

Absolute Protection Field – LA (second skill)

Light – [Violet Force Field] additionally reduces DMG taken by 25%

Dark- [Violet Force Field] additionally increases ATK Spd bt 300

Ultimate Laser Cannon – NCE (third skill)

Light – dispels positive effect from the hit target

Dark – reduces mana cost by 1

Technomagic Awakening (fourth skill)

Light – Reduces DMG all allies take by 30% in the Technomagic Kingdom

Dark – Additionally increases all allies ‘ DMG dealt with bosses by 15% in the Technomagic Kingdom

Transcendence 5

Light – ATK, DEF, HP+15% / ATK Spd + 100

Dark – Reduces all DMG all allies take by 2.5% and increases all enemies take by 2.5%. This effect can be stacked up to the number of Technomagic Gear equipped to self.

KING`s RAID: New Mechanic Hero Valance the Intellect of Technomagic is Here

Unique Weapon

The wonder of the Mago’s Le’Flamme, Corbeau Rose

The following buffs are applied to the target based on the number of Technomagic Gear equipped to each ally. 

1 Part: increases ATK by 6%

2 Parts: increases all DEF by 6%

3 Parts: Increases Max HP by 6%

4 Parts: Increases DMG dealt with enemies by 4%

Unique Treasure (first skill)

Formula Input Device

[Prototype – VA[Hologram] The effect additionally increases DMG dealt with Non-Hero enemies by 10% and the target‘s cooldown reduction by 50%

Unique Treasure (second skill)

A Moment of Tea

[Absolute Protection Field – LA] Dispels negative effects from self upon use. For the duration of [Violet force field], Increases the target’s all Block Chance by 200

Unique Treasure (third skill)

Sloppy Sincerity

[Ultimate Laser Cannon – NCE] reduces cooldown by 2 sec and changes the max number of [Manipulated] stacks by 10

Unique Treasure (fourth skill)

First Failure

[Technomagic Awakening] All DEF and Mana Recovery/Attack Boost effects now apply to all allies, increasing Heal Rate of all allies by 10%

Will she finally be able to get her revenge for the loved ones that she lost? 

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