Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in various North American countries. KING’s RAID has prepared an event for the community to participate in. Players are encouraged to engage on their official Facebook page post and give their post a like and share so everyone can get bountiful rewards when the reactions and shares reach a certain amount. The rewards are going to be announced on November 22nd. 

Here are the Rewards that Players can Get during the Event?

  • On the first stage of the event, Players will have a chance to get 200 times Event Artifact Piece and 10 times All-in-One Special Summon Ticket.
  • In the second stage of the event, Players will have a chance to get 300 times Event Artifact Piece and 20 times Reforged Ticket.
  • And on the third final stage of the event, Players will have a chance to get 500 times Event Artifact Piece, 1 Unique Weapon Awakening Stone, and 1 Unique Treasure Awakening Stone.

EXP Boosters and Gold Boosters are applied to all players during the whole duration of the event. The Coupon Codes will be revealed according to the accumulated number of reactions and shares received across all the King’s Raid social media communities. 

The Coupon Code will be revealed on the 22nd of November and can only be used until November 28th.

Players can only use the Coupon Codes 1 time across all the servers and can be claimed via in-game function or by using their official website.

You will be able to stack the effects of Gold Boosters and EXP Boosters with item effects.

Gold booster effects will not apply on items such as Gold Boxes.

EXP booster effects will not apply on items such as EXP potions.

KING’s RAID: Thanksgiving Day Event and 2nd Update for November Sneak Peek

November’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek

There will be some improvements to the content in Lil’ Raider. A special event will also be added that requires players to work together and unite.

Lil’ Raider Changes

  • Feeding – the rewards that you can get when achieving 100% happiness are going to be removed, Lil’ Raider’s Happiness will also be changed to Satiety.
  • Lil’ Raider Expedition – a new Lil’ Raider Expedition system will be added to the game. Different kinds of rewards are going to be obtained depending on the place of expedition you have selected. You will be able to place and send 4 Lil’ Raiders with 100% Satiety on different Expedition areas. You will be able to send up to 2 Lil’ Raider parties for each Expedition area.
  • Incubator – You will be able to possess several Incubators after the updates. Through the Incubators, you will be able to hatch Lil’ Raider eggs.

Grow the Baby World Tree

All players are encouraged to take care of the Baby World Tree by helping it grow using stamina. All players who participated will be able to obtain Contribution Rewards along with other Raiders with their combined efforts.

Are you in a country that also celebrates Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below!