KING’s RAID is one of the most popular and well-known 3D Role-Playing RPGs for mobile. It is completely free to play to download on both Android and iOS app stores. The game, developed by Vespa INC, is running beautifully even after 5 years since its launch. King’s Raid features several different characters relative to their own story with beautiful artwork and 3D models playable in-game. It also has a diverse and engaging storyline which has also seen an anime adaptation with the same name. 

New NPC Hero Valence, Hero Dungeon, and Events in October Update for KING’s RAID

King’s Raid is soon going to be launching its new version, aptly titled “King’s Raid 2”. Players will get to experience a completely new story with the continuation of the standard King’s Raid theme along with updated graphics and engine for better performance across all devices. Players are very excited since the launch date for King’s Raid 2 is inching closer than ever. This month’s update also brings with it a New NPC Hero – Valence, Intellect of Technomagic. A new special hero dungeon for the new character Valence where players will be able to get the new hero by clearing several stages in the dungeon for free. A new challenge raid for the Skull Collector Obrigard will also be coming back along with some balance adjustments being made to it. New Halloween Swimsuit skins are also being made available to be purchased in the shop. A new Event dungeon titled Fall Sports Day is also opened. Let’s get into all the details for this update.                      

New NPC Hero Valence – Intellect of Technomagic

The newest hero joining our gracious knights at King’s Raid is none other than Valence, the current NPC unit we see every day at Valence’s Workshop. Players can get this hero for free by completing the Hero dungeon – Valence Episode. This dungeon starts on October 26th and ends on November 9th. Players can enter this dungeon using Event Entry Tickets. All players will receive initially 5 Event Entry Tickets and 1 Event Entry Ticket recharge every day after server reset. Players will be able to obtain the new hero Valence (5-Star at Level 1) by clearing the first Story Dungeon 1. Episode Valence dungeon consists of 8 Story Dungeons and 3 Special dungeons. These special dungeons unlock after clearing all the story dungeons. Let’s see in detail how the new hero Valence is and what are her abilities.

New NPC Hero Valence, Hero Dungeon, and Events in October Update for KING’s RAID

Valence’s hero description reads “I want to find out how far can I develop the Technomagic field with my own hands.”. Valence is a 5-star Mechanics type unit that deals physical damage. Her equip effect states that material cost when crafting Technomagical gear is discounted by 15%. Players can get Valence by clearing Stage 10-10 or through playing the current Hero Dungeon for Valence. Players can obtain Valence’s unique weapon by gifting Valence’s kinship Rate items or gifting Valence through other Kinship items by clicking on the Present button at the bottom of Valence’s Workshop. Valence is a great support buffer that can fit in many physical teams that rely on a good buffer. She can make your highest attack DPS hero immune to negative effects as well as buff their Attack, Critical rate, and heal per the second buff. She also dispels all current negative effects on the target. This mechanic is called Hologram and is available on Valence’s 1st skill Prototype

New NPC Hero Valence, Hero Dungeon, and Events in October Update for KING’s RAID

Her 2nd skill Absolute Protection Field states that Valence produces a Violet Force Field that lasts for 5 seconds. When this field is active, it provides 15% Defense to all allies, Immunity to CC (crowd control), HP, and Mana regeneration. Her 3rd ability Ultimate Laser Cannon is an AOE skill that targets many people in a certain area. It states that Valence releases several beam cannons that hit enemies dealing Physical damage and stunning enemies who are hit for 3 seconds while also giving them a Manipulating Debuff. This manipulating debuff states that enemies under it take 7% increased damage overall as well as reduce their healing effects on them by 5%. This Manipulation effect lasts for 15 seconds and can be stacked up to a maximum of 7 times. Her 4th ability Technomagic Awakening is her passive ability. These passive states that all allies gain more Defense, more Attack, and Mana Recovery. It also states that in Technomagic Kingdom, when Valence is in the team, she increases damage dealt with the boss by 15%.

New NPC Hero Valence, Hero Dungeon, and Events in October Update for KING’s RAID

Take a look at Valence’s skills in detail: –

Prototype: – Dispels negative effects from the ally with the highest ATK and grants [Hologram] for 15 sec.

[Hologram] increases the target’s ATK, Crit Chance, heals HP every sec and reduces its Cooldown of all active Skills by 0.2 sec.

While [Hologram] is active, the target gains immunity to negative effects.

Absolute Protection Field: – Creates an [Violet Force Field] that lasts for 5 sec within a wide range of self. Allies within the range of [Violet Force Field] have them All DEF increased by 15%, gain immunity to CC, and have their HP healed and Mana recovered every sec.

Ultimate Laser Cannon: – Summons laser cannons behind self that fire laser beams, dealing P.DMG to the enemy. The hit target is inflicted with Stun for 3 sec and becomes [Manipulated] for 15 sec. Afterward, the cannons additionally fire a total of 9 laser beams to random enemies. Each laser beam deals P.DMG inflicts Stun on the hit target for 1.5 sec and inflicts [Manipulated] for 15 sec. Enemies who are [Manipulated] have their Heal Rate reduced by 5% and take 7% increased All DMG. [Manipulated] can be stacked up to a max of 7 times.

Technomagic Awakening (Passive Ability): – Increases self’s All DEF, Mana Recovery/Attack, and ATK of all allies. In the Technomagic Kingdom, increases all allies’ DMG dealt with Bosses by 15%.

Fall Sports Day Event Dungeon

Fall Sports Day Event dungeon starts on October 12th and ends after the next update. Players can access this event dungeon by talking to NPC Yanne in Central Orvel. It consists of 3 different parts – Muscle Festival, Event Shop, and Event Info. The Muscle Festival is the main dungeon where players get to experience 6 Story Dungeons, 3 Special Dungeons, and 1 Secret Dungeon. Story Dungeons will be open 1 per day, hence, all Story dungeons will be open by 17th October. The Special Dungeons can be accessed without playing the Story dungeons. The Story and Special Dungeons can be accessed and entered only through event entry tickets as seen with many previous event dungeons. All players will initially get 5 of these event entry tickets and more tickets will be sequentially added/recharged every day after server reset at the quantity of 1 per day. Players can access the secret dungeon after clearing all the 3 special dungeons at the cost of 100 stamina. Players can get a random item out of 5 Halloween artifacts by clearing this secret dungeon. 

New NPC Hero Valence, Hero Dungeon, and Events in October Update for KING’s RAID

During the time of this Event Dungeon, players can farm the Muscle festival for getting the event currency called Protein. Protein is the event currency for this Halloween dungeon and players can easily exchange them for rewards in the event shop. Players can earn this event currency by clearing the Story dungeons for the first time and repeating them, as well as by clearing the Special dungeons for the first time and repeating them. Event Shop is the exchange shop where players can exchange their farmed and collected event currency Protein for generous rewards including but not limited to a 2021 Halloween Swimsuit Costume Ticket! Let’s see some of the items and their exchange price listed in the shop.

New NPC Hero Valence, Hero Dungeon, and Events in October Update for KING’s RAID

  • 2021 Halloween Swimsuit Costume Ticket – Protein x50 (Available – 1)
  • Unicorn Horn – Protein x100 (Available – 1)
  • Faerie Wings – Protein x100 (Available – 1)
  • Reforge Ticket – Protein x10 (Available – 50)
  • Technomagic Skill Reforge Ticket – Protein x10 (Available – 25)
  • Event Artifact Piece x300 – Protein x150 (Available – 1)
  • Halloween Artifact Crafting Ticket – Protein x50 (Available – 3)
  • Halloween Artifact Ticket – Protein x100 (Available – 1)
  • Stamina Potion – Protein x2 (Available – Infinite)

New Hero Progression Event – Valence

This is a simple event where players are rewarded for progressing their heroes and completing certain missions. Clearing these missions will give players points. Many rewards are in store for players who accumulate these points. Missions are divided into Today’s Missions (Daily Mission) and Special Missions. Let’s see the missions and rewards available through this event: –

Today Missions (Daily Basis)

  • Spend 250 Stamina – 3 Points
  • Spend 500 Stamina – 3 Points
  • Spend 750 Stamina – 3 Points
  • Spend 1000 Stamina – 4 Points

New NPC Hero Valence, Hero Dungeon, and Events in October Update for KING’s RAID

Special Missions

  • Acquire Valence– 50 Points
  • Obtain 1 Unique Gear through Special Summon – 40 Points
  • Obtain 3 Unique Gear through Special Summon– 60 Points
  • Obtain 5 Unique Gear through Special Summon– 80 Points
  • Reach T3 with Valence– 25 Points
  • Reach T5 with Valence– 35 Points
  • Reach Level 100 with Valence– 10 Points
  • Acquire Valance’s Limited Costume– 30 Points


  • Stamina Potion x40 – 20 Points
  • Reforge Ticket x20 – 40 Points
  • Normal Artifact Ticket x1– 80 Points
  • Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Jewel x100– 180 Points
  • Protection of the God-King x1– 220 Points
  • Soul stone: Wonder of Magos Le’ Flamme, Corbeau Rose x1– 350 Points

Hero Academy School 2021

This event rewards players for doing special tasks every day for 7 days and at the end of which they can claim their All-Clear Reward. This event will be live from October 26th and ends on November 9th, 2021. The missions and rewards are as follows: –

Daily Tasks

  • Clear Stockade Vault x1
  • Play League of Victory x1
  • Clear Tower of Challenge x1

New NPC Hero Valence, Hero Dungeon, and Events in October Update for KING’s RAID


  • DAY 1 – All In One Special Summon x10 Ticket x1
  • DAY 2 – All In One Special Summon x10 Ticket x1
  • DAY 3 – All In One Special Summon x10 Ticket x1
  • DAY 4 – All In One Special Summon x10 Ticket x1
  • DAY 5 – All In One Special Summon x10 Ticket x1
  • DAY 6 – All In One Special Summon x10 Ticket x1
  • DAY 7 – All In One Special Summon x10 Ticket x1
  • ALL CLEAR – All In One Special Summon x10 Ticket x3

To get the best experience, we recommend playing KING’s RAID on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.