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King’s Raid on PC: Advanced Gear Guide

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

In a previous article, we’ve mentioned some of the ways beginners in King’s Raid can get their hands on Ancient and Legendary gear. However, once you’re done with collecting these pieces, you’ll want to know how to itemize your characters for the remainder of the game.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

After the first 6 chapters of the main storyline, everything gets much harder. At this point, many of the fights conclude with you either getting beaten by a small margin or beating the enemy in the same fashion. Soon enough, you hit a progression wall that you can only surmount through correct itemization. Just like we did in chapter 8.

The More or Less Useless Stats

Since you’re already familiar with the basics of King’s Raid gear, we’ll jump straight to the point. When you’re considering items of similar quality, stats and gear bonuses come into play. And they do so big time. For example, think of the fact that the 2-piece bonus from Gritty Frost Plate gives our tank another 10% Max HP.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

It might not look like much, but when our Jane sports about 3 million HP, that extra 300,000 gives her enough time to cast her Day of Ruin, heal right back up, and help us finish a difficult boss encounter. Another illustrative situation is Frey’s Blessings of Light – the skill that places an immensely overpowered absorption shield on your entire party. The latter’s strength is based on Frey’s Attack value, so, as unintuitive as it might sound, giving Frey more Attack value through her gear is actually the best thing you can do to improve her.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

To help you make the best item choices, we’ve compiled a list of stats (to be avoided) that are quite situational and therefore completely useless in a lot of cases:

  • Debuff ACC – this is completely impractical unless you’re building a PvP-specific formation.
  • ACC – much like the former, PvE monsters generally have no dodge, meaning that your attacks will almost always go through. There might be a rare exception where a particular requirement must be met in order for a mob to take damage, but this won’t be improved through ACC.
  • CC Resist – In PvE, Shea seems to be the only one who needs this stat. Everybody else can literally be covered by your Frey, or, if you were lucky enough to get her, by Annette.
  • Crit Resistance – except for PvP encounters, you won’t really need this to progress through chapters.
  • Mana/Sec – the Blessings of Mana alongside Mana/ATK or Mana Battery perks usually cover this aspect quite well, so unless you have something in the lines of a burst Wizard PvP formation, it’s kind of useless.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

The Stats You Are Looking For

Defensive stats like Maximum HP, Defence, and Block should be a priority on your tanks. They won’t make much of a difference on your DPSers, because the latter will remain squishy no matter what you put on them. Your best bet is to strengthen your frontliner to help keep your glass cannons alive as much as possible.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

Crit and Attack Speed are made redundant by good gear, as well as Transcendence perks, which should help you reach the softcap of both (you may need a rune or a good buffer) without prioritizing gear pieces that have them. While Penetration does exist, its use is quite specific. The only instance where you’d benefit from it is if you’re doing endgame content, such as World Boss 3 or something similar, with a character that does not have a way to ignore defence or other in-built Penetration.

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King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

With this in mind, Attack and Crit DMG are your main stats for any DPS unit. To achieve a balance between the two, you ought to prefer the latter, as there are a host of ATK bonuses from various sources. This means that there’s a good chance your heroes will actually go over the hard cap late in the game. Given that the law of diminishing return applies to King’s Raid stats, more ATK will not do much beyond this point.

Boosting the Items

Aside from getting the right gear pieces with the right stats for your strong formation, there is a whole world of equipment upgrades that ranges from runes to tier, reforging, awakening, and more.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

As you get better gear, you’ll notice that the item has one (or several) glowing circles on it. This means that you can equip runes for that particular piece. The latter usually have all of the stats we’ve discussed so far, so prioritize them accordingly. Whatever you do, do not waste good runes on gear that is not Ancient or Legendary. It’s just not worth it.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

Next up is awakening, or, as players refer to it, the RNG doom. If you have two identical gear pieces, you can upgrade one of them by raising its number of stars. There’s a specific order to sacrificing your items, in case you have more of them, but this only starts to be the case once you pass from 3 to 4, and then to 5 stars, because the higher the stars of what you use to awaken, the more likely it is that your attempt will succeed.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

Your chance of success dramatically drops with each successful awakening. The first one is 100%, but the second is 50%, the 3rd is 16%, then 3% and, finally, just 0.06% for your fifth awakening. You have a Failure Bonus that cumulates every time you don’t Awaken, so that you will, eventually, get to do it.

Once you get something to 5 stars, you can also upgrade its tier. However, this will take a lot of resources (most notably, Magic Powder and 10 scales of the next tier), so don’t do it unless the item is best in slot and the sub-stats are just right.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

Reforging, on the other hand, allows you to replace one sub-stat gear line with another. There are major drawbacks, though. You can only replace one line, it costs rubies, and there are no refunds. Reforging tickets are helpful, but they come by once in a blue moon. If this was not enough, you can only choose between what you’re trying to reforge and 1 (one!!) new option, which is incredibly restrictive.

King's Raid: Advanced Gear Guide

As you can see, there are quite a few things to keep in mind when you gear your units in King’s Raid. However, if you follow these simple steps to managing your advanced gear, you should be on your way to achieving one of the best possible formations, given your heroes.

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