Mojang has rolled out another Minecraft beta update,, on three platforms, including Android. The update has brought a bunch of changes to caves and cliffs, along with several fixes and technical updates. If you are interested in trying out the new features, you can join the Minecraft beta program and give feedback to developers. 

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that after entering the beta, players will not be able to access the Realms, and also, they will lose contact with players on the non-beta version.

Players can join or leave the beta on Android devices by just visiting Minecraft’s page on Google Play Store to do it. Once players are all set, they can experience all the new added features and bug fixes in the beta version, which are as follows:

Features and Bug Fixes


  • The long stalactites will only be able to drip from the tip in the beta version.
  • The dripping of water from the stalactites will be slightly quicker while filling a cauldron.
  • Players can now correctly destroy the pointed dripstone after the block, on which the dripstone is placed, is broken by the block updates.

User Interface

  • The background color of the settings screen has been altered and optimized.


  • The developers have fixed the bug that was a frequent occurrence on older worlds in which one could see inside the minecart while looking up. This bug frequently blocked the view of the players.
  • The maps that reside in the Glow Item Frames can no longer cause lighting up of the nearby items.

Some bugs related to the items

The item-related bugs that were reported in the previous versions and are now resolved by the Mojang through Minecraft beta update:

  • Bug code: MCPE-117514
  • Last reported: Beta
  • Resolution: Players can now get the correct items by picking or breaking Glow Item Frames.
  • Bug code: MCPE-126040
  • Last reported: Beta
  • Resolution: Players can now save the data of copied blocks correctly using the Advanced Pick Block.
  • Bug codes: MCPE-127550, MCPE-127559)
  • Last reported: Beta
  • Resolution: After the fuel finishes in-game, the Furnace, Smoker, and Blast Furnace will get unlit.
  • Bug code: MCPE-126607
  • Last reported: Beta
  • Resolution: A bug where the map was centered on the player’s position after being created has been fixed.
  • Bug code: MCPE-127426
  • Last reported: Beta
  • Resolution: Players can now stack the empty buckets with the buckets that are used to feed Axolotls.
  • The developers have fixed an additional bug regarding the ‘Baby Axolotls.’ Baby Axolotls can no longer consume the Bucket when fed with a Bucket of Tropical Fish.

Gameplay bugs

Minecraft Beta Update for Android: Dripstone, Graphics, Mobs Fixes, And More

  • Bug codes: MCPE-126674, MCPE-126690
  • Last reported: Beta and Beta
  • Resolution: The bug regarding the ripple effect on portals and crash while creating a large number of portal blocks has been fixed 
  • Bug code: MCPE-127196
  • Last reported: Beta
  • Resolution: The bubble columns on naturally generated Magma Blocks have been fixed.

Bugs of Commands

Bug code: MCPE-124890

  • Last reported: Beta
  • Resolution: Previously, players reported the bug regarding the Function’s positional offset being applied repeatedly or too late. The same bug has been resolved via Minecraft beta The function’s positional offset will no longer be re-evaluated for every command inside the function when run with the ‘/execute’ command. The Function Positional offset will now be only evaluated once for the whole function.

Technical Updates


  • An issue regarding the Signs not displaying the saved text after the placement has been fixed.
  • The “has_equipment” filter will support the data values again.


  • A new field, “transform_to_item,” has been added to the  “minecraft: ageable” component. An item will be given back when “feed_items” are used after the new field is filled with the item’s name. This draws a substantial similarity to the “transform_to_item” in the “minecraft: breedable” component.

Reporting Bugs in Minecraft beta

Players who have joined the beta program must understand that the version is still a work in progress, and they can experience various bugs. In that case, they can reach out to the developers to report these bugs and give their feedback regarding the latest beta.

For bug reports, players can visit to give feedback regarding the new version they can browse,