Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a name that resonates with mobile gamers worldwide. In the ever-expanding realm of mobile gaming, this MOBA powerhouse has maintained its status as a formidable contender. Over the years, it has evolved, adapted, and continued to captivate gamers, earning its place among the best. Competing with giants like League of Legends: Wild Rift, Mobile Legends has stood the test of time, and with each update, it proves its commitment to delivering fresh experiences to its dedicated player base.

In the gaming universe, change is a constant. With every new update, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang breathes new life into its world, ensuring that the battles within are always engaging. Today, we delve into the heart of the game’s latest transformation, Patch 1.8.18. This update brings with it a slew of hero adjustments, battlefield enhancements, and item tweaks that promise to reshape the game’s dynamics. Let’s explore these changes and how they might influence your future battles in the ever-evolving world of Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.8.18 Update: Hero Buffs, Nerfs, and More

A Plethora of Hero Adjustments

The heroes of Mobile Legends are at the heart of the action, and in Patch 1.8.18, several champions have undergone adjustments to fine-tune their roles in the battlefield. Let’s take a closer look at these changes and what they mean for your gaming experience.

Wanwan, the agile and deadly marksman, receives a buff that enhances her basic attacks and ultimate range. While she can no longer break free from control effects, her increased attack reach allows her to maintain a safer distance from her adversaries. This change aims to elevate her damage potential and mobility, making her a more formidable presence in fights.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.8.18 Update: Hero Buffs, Nerfs, and More

Lunox, the enigmatic magician, experiences adjustments that aim to streamline her power-switching mechanics and provide more combo opportunities. Her passive ability undergoes significant modifications, and her skills are reworked to offer improved synergy between her two forms. This revamp is designed to make Lunox a more versatile and adaptable hero.

Selena, the cunning assassin, goes through experimental changes to optimize her combo sequences and versatility across different lanes. Her adjustments target her passive, skills, and their interactions. The goal is to make her a viable choice for both mid-lane and jungle roles, adding depth to her gameplay.

Lylia, the shadowy mage, receives buffs to restore her 10X Shadow Energy combo burst, catering to skilled Lylia players who seek more strategic possibilities. These changes revolve around her second skill, ensuring that proficient Lylia users can exploit her full potential.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.8.18 Update: Hero Buffs, Nerfs, and More

Dyrroth, the swift and relentless fighter, faces nerfs that address his mobility and damage output. His first skill sees an increased cooldown, while his second skill’s damage and physical defense weakening are adjusted. These tweaks aim to balance Dyrroth’s ability to deliver consistent damage while maintaining fair counterplay.

Masha, the fierce warrior, encounters nerfs to reduce her damage potential. Her passive skills undergo changes that lower her aggressive capabilities, especially in the early game, without compromising her overall effectiveness.

Floryn, the healing support, experiences a nerf to her shield and adjustments to her passive ability. These changes aim to balance her healing capabilities, ensuring that she remains a valuable support hero while reducing her potential to overpower enemies.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.8.18 Update: Hero Buffs, Nerfs, and More

Yu Zhong, the menacing dragon fighter, receives a passive buff and adjustments to his second skill. These enhancements aim to make him a more competitive presence during the early stages of the game, emphasizing his role in the experience lane.

Cyclops, the agile mage, enjoys slight buffs to his first and second skills, enhancing his lane-clearing speed and mobility. These changes aim to improve his early-game performance, making him a more appealing choice for players.

Popol and Kupa, the dynamic duo, receive a passive buff that increases Kupa’s damage against creeps. This change emphasizes their role as junglers, allowing them to clear camps more efficiently.

Mathilda, the swift support, undergoes skill adjustments that reduce her cooldowns and mana costs. These changes smooth out her early-to-mid game performance, ensuring a more balanced experience.

Vexana, the dark sorceress, faces cooldown and mana cost adjustments to bridge the damage gap in her skill set, providing a more consistent performance throughout the game.

Kadita, the ocean empress, encounters changes to her first skill and ultimate, focusing on her damage output and utility. These tweaks aim to refine her role in battles, ensuring she remains a competitive choice.

Ixia, the elusive assassin, experiences nerfs that affect her ultimate attack speed boost and cooldown. These changes aim to balance her strength while maintaining her potential as a formidable hero.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.8.18 Update: Hero Buffs, Nerfs, and More

Lolita, the shield-bearing tank, receives attribute adjustments that reduce her base HP and HP growth. Her ultimate also sees changes in slow effect and damage bonus. These nerfs aim to bring her in line with other tank heroes in terms of durability and crowd control.

Angela, the supportive angel, faces a nerf to her first skill’s magic power bonus, reducing her healing and damage capabilities slightly.

Valentina, the mage with control abilities, encounters a nerf to her first skill’s damage, balancing her overall strength.

Yve, the cosmic mage, undergoes a nerf that affects her lane-clearing ability, reducing her efficiency in minion farming.

These hero adjustments collectively aim to fine-tune the balance and diversity of the hero roster, ensuring a fair and engaging gameplay experience for all Mobile Legends enthusiasts. Each change brings a new layer of strategy and tactics to the battlefield, reshaping the dynamics of matches and encouraging players to explore different hero choices and playstyles.

Battlefield and Item Adjustments

In Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.18, hero adjustments aren’t the only focus; the battlefield itself undergoes changes, along with some items, to maintain a balanced and exciting gameplay experience. Let’s delve into these battlefield and item adjustments to see how they influence the overall flow of battles.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.8.18 Update: Hero Buffs, Nerfs, and More

  • Warrior Boots Rejuvenated

One of the key battlefield changes revolves around Warrior Boots. The aim here is to make these boots more versatile and not just a counter to heroes reliant on physical basic attacks. Warrior Boots now gain 4 Physical Defense when struck by basic attacks, providing a valuable defensive bonus to a wider range of heroes. This change encourages players to consider Warrior Boots for their heroes based on their individual playstyle and the dynamics of the match.

  • Flask of the Oasis Toned Down

Flask of the Oasis, a popular choice for many heroes, receives an adjustment aimed at making its triggering condition more manageable. However, this adjustment comes with a reduction in the shield it provides. Now, the Flask activates when a hero drops below 35% HP instead of the previous 30%. This change challenges players to be more strategic in their use of Flask of the Oasis, as it won’t activate as easily in critical situations.

  • Power Potion Enhanced

For those who rely on lifesteal to sustain in battles, Power Potion gets a boost in effectiveness. The lifesteal it offers is increased from 10% to 15%, making it a more appealing choice for heroes who depend on life steal to survive engagements and push the boundaries of their durability.

  • Rock Potion Adjusted

On the other hand, Rock Potion sees a reduction in resilience from 30% to 25%. This change aims to fine-tune the item’s defensive capabilities, ensuring it remains balanced and in line with other available options. Players will need to consider how this adjustment fits into their overall build strategy.

  • Experience Tweaks

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.18 also brings adjustments to experience points (EXP) to refine the leveling experience. Developers aim to maintain a balanced progression curve for heroes. The changes include a reduction in the EXP required from level 3 to level 4 while increasing the EXP needed from level 4 to level 6. These tweaks aim to keep hero progression smooth and engaging.

Additionally, buff creeps offer 1-2% more EXP, encouraging strategic control of these objectives. These adjustments collectively aim to enhance the strategic depth of matches, promoting effective farming and objective control.

Other Notable Changes

Beyond the core adjustments, several other changes have been implemented in Patch 1.8.18. Pro setups for some regions and heroes have been adjusted, potentially influencing the meta and competitive scene. An issue with screen shake during certain hero actions has been fixed, ensuring a smoother visual experience for players. Lastly, an issue regarding Beatrix Wesker’s Elation has been resolved, aligning the actual damage radius with the indicated radius.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.8.18 Update: Hero Buffs, Nerfs, and More

These battlefield and item adjustments, in conjunction with hero changes, shape the evolving landscape of Mobile Legends. As players adapt to these modifications, new strategies and tactics will emerge, keeping the game dynamic and exciting. 

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