Monster Hunter Now players can rejoice as the pre-Halloween patch titled “Update 62.0” brings forth a host of new changes and adjustments to existing content! Hunters around the world can experience enhanced QOL (Quality-of-life) optimizations being made to existing content as well as Skills. Additionally, some major & minor bugs were also fixed. Monster Hunter Now is a free-to-play title that is available for both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Let’s check out all the new changes added with the latest update.

Monster Hunter Now – Update 62.0 Brings Bug Fixes, Skill Fixes, and Content Adjustments

Adjusted and Optimized Features

Monster Hunter Now is known for their fun-filled and action-packed combat sequences. Naturally, a slight touch of difficulty is necessary to encourage players to level up their characters and hone their own skills. However, it was recently put to notice by many Hunters in the community that the Jyuratodus were functioning abnormally, making it difficult to predict their behavior. Further, hitbox issues of certain monsters have always been unpredictable with no clear indication. 

The developers have outlined the majority of these issues clearly in their latest update note:

  • Adjusted the behavior of Jyuratodus: Changed it so that when it emerges from underground to the surface, its orientation remains consistent, and increases the likelihood of breaking parts.
  • Adjusted the hitboxes for certain attacks of Legiana, Great Girros, Rathalos, and Rathian: Reduced the size of their attack hitboxes.
  • Adjusted device vibration: The device will no longer vibrate when moving at high speed and experiencing gameplay restrictions. The device will now vibrate when the access range encompasses a collectible Gathering Point (L).
  • To reduce unintended swipe actions on Android devices, the fullscreen mode will be activated during hunts.

Monster Hunter Now – Update 62.0 Brings Bug Fixes, Skill Fixes, and Content Adjustments

Bug Fixes

Check out all the issues fixed with the latest update:

  • Incorrect input when copying & pasting Friend Codes
  • Error displayed when sending Friend Requests
  • No sound effects for Hunter and weapon during hunts
  • BGM overlaps on the Main Screen
  • AR Camera: Monster shadows may appear unnatural

Players can read the official patch notes to get a more in-depth look at the new content. Players can get the best gameplay experience for Monster Hunter Now on their PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.