PUBG Mobile 1.7 Update to Bring New Carry Function, Weapon Rebalancing, and New Royale Pass Season

Krafton has consistently introduced a testing phase for the fans before every PUBG Mobile update they launch. Users are required to download a specific APK of the update’s beta version to join such testing programs, and generally, a limited number of players get the access. 

However, for the beta version of PUBG Mobile’s upcoming 1.7 update, anyone who has installed the APK file can look at the new features. The only requirement is a stable internet connection to download the application and additional resources. 

Most of the features teased in a beta version normally end up making their way to the game, and hence, one can expect the developers to do the same with the PUBG Mobile 1.7 (beta) update. Therefore, fans can expect the arrival of the following features to the game through the 1.7 update:

New feature: Carry function

In PUBG Mobile, players have to either revive teammates while fighting the enemies or flee from the location while sacrificing them whenever allies get knocked out. Therefore, the team’s strength tends to decrease pretty quickly. 

However, with the 1.7 version update, developers will bring a new “Carry” function, which will allow players to pick up their allies to another place. Therefore, users will be able to safely revive their fellow teammates after getting to a safer location. 

Although the new feature seems pretty fascinating, it still has some limitations. While carrying the teammates, players will not be able to pick up any other equipment, enter vehicles, or use weapons, minimizing the benefit and forcing users to apply skills. 

Weapon balance changes

The new update is likely to change the dynamics among the weapon rankings as many guns are expected to go under rebalancing. 

Marksman rifles

Marksman rifles in PUBG Mobile will receive a change in damage at longer distances, or bullet speeds, or recovery speeds. The changes in weapons are as follows:

  • SLR: An increase in bullet and recovery speed.
  • SKS: There is a slight increase in recovery speed and a buff in bullet speed.
  • Mini14: The damage for longer ranges has been Increased.
  • VSS: There is a slight increase in the overall damage.


Apart from the DMRs mentioned above, popular LMG DP28 will also receive a few changes that include the following:

  • A decrease in bullet speed.
  • A reduction in damage at longer ranges.
  • The headshot damage has also been reduced. 

7.6mm bullets

After the PUBG Mobile 1.7 update, the 7.6mm bullets are expected to weigh lower as developers will reduce the weight of a single round from 0.7 to 0.6.

New Royale Pass Season: RP C1S3 M2

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Update to Bring New Carry Function, Weapon Rebalancing, and New Royale Pass Season

Developers changed the Royale Pass system with PUBG Mobile’s 1.5 updates and changed the RP duration to Cycles. Each cycle was further divided and subdivided into seasons and months. 

The 1.5 version update also marked the inception of Royale Pass Cycle 1 that is expected to last six months. Furthermore, the July update also marked the beginning of RP C1 Season 1 that constituted two months. 

PUBG Mobile 1.6 update, released in September, followed the same pattern and brought RP C1S2 that featured two months. The current Royale Pass month, i.e., RP C1S2 M2 commenced on October 18, 2021, and is expected to culminate on November 18, 2021, at 0:00 (UTC). 

Therefore, the final season of the Royale Pass Cycle will start immediately, and the new update is expected to arrive before November 18, 2021, to match the schedule of the new RP month.

Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the new features of PUBG mobile 1.7 by downloading the APK files through the Beta Test invitation in the game’s events section.

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